Meet the Founder

A pioneer and celebrity makeup artist of over 20 years, Khuraira Musa is founder and creator of Khuraira Cosmetics, a luxury, full-color cosmetics line for women of all ages, color and skin condition.

To create a flawless look every time, Khuraira blends skincare treatment into her makeup line, which when combined with her high-quality makeup tools, creates that finished sought-after look with long-lasting effects.

The range’s hero item is its Khuraira Dark Circle Primer with advanced orange correcting technology, which instantly neutralizes blue undertones of dark circles. Khuraira Cosmetics are manufactured in the U.S.A.

Established in 2008, Khuraira Cosmetics operates as a boutique, flagship store in Tenafly, NJ ( products are also available at select upscale boutiques in the U.S. and globally). Khuraira holds court out of her stylish house of beauty, where socialites and celebrities shop her signature makeup line and are treated to Khuraira’s mastery of the art of airbrush makeup, lash extensions, brow contouring and design, and other luxurious services.

A leading pioneer of airbrush makeup and a true master at the art of its application, Khuraira developed a K-PRO airbrush makeup system that is considered by beauty insiders as one of the best on the market today.


Khuraira educates women in the art of the looking flawless. Not only does she make them look beautiful on the outside, she makes them feel good on the inside by being a friend and a confidante. Her business philosophy demonstrates why every woman looks forward to an appointment with her, and why she has created a cult-like loyalty among her clients over the years. One of her clients once said as a play on words to the adage, “Beauty isn’t in the eye of the beholder; beauty is in the hands of Khuraira.”

Khuraira’s distinct style and expertise keeps her in demand among celebrities. Working her magical touch, she has applied her innovative makeup techniques to some of Hollywood’s most coveted and high profile personalities, including Mandy Moore, Brandy, Linda Evans, Paula Abdul, Suzzanne Douglas, Kirstie Alley, Natalie Cole, Dr. Susan Rice, Andrea Stassou, Wendy Federman. Khuraira’s bridal work with Trista Rehn, the Bachelorette – ABC Television Wedding of the Decade – has earned rave reviews by industry peers.

Khuraira Cosmetics are routinely featured in leading consumer magazines and media outlets, including People, Vanity Fair, In Style, Elle, Essence, Latina, Star, OK, Upscale, TLC, Telemundo, to name a few.

Khuraira is grateful for her chance at success in America, which is a far cry from her humble African beginnings. Her life began in an orphanage in northern Nigeria after losing her mother at birth. She was later adopted by an aunt with little means and spent her childhood in a mud shack with no electricity and no running water. As a child, makeup was an outlet that offered a creative means to paint a view beyond her bleak surroundings. Khuraria used leaves to create henna colors for makeup. She was inspired at how the colors were so rich, opaque and filled with pigment.

Khuraira relocated to the United States to pursue her education and passion of makeup. This quickly led to a career working alongside makeup industry icons, such as Trish McEvoy and Laura Mercier. As a valuable member of Trish McEvoy’s national team, Khuraira traveled the world teaching women about the hottest makeup trends as well as helping them create their unique individual looks. Later, as a national makeup artist with Laura Mercier and one of Laura’s personal assistants, Khuraira trained makeup artists in the art of achieving a flawless look every time.

In time and with vast experience, Khuraira decided to start her own color cosmetics brand. She saw an opportunity for a true makeup line for all women. Khuraira wanted to not only solve for beauty problems such as dark circles or discoloration on areas of the face and lips, but she was also inspired from concerned women who wanted to combine makeup with skincare that was quick, easy and long-lasting while still creating a flawless look every time. And so Khuraira created her own line and opened a boutique storefront to help create solutions for these women regardless of age, ethnicity or skin condition.

Khuraira exudes charisma, compassion, a sense of genuineness and a contagiously positive energy that convey instant trust no matter where she is. Her passion for makeup artistry is only surpassed by her passion for life and her selfless desire to care, to do good, to do what’s right all the time. She believes: “A God-given talent unless utilized for the benefit of humanity is worthless

Khuraira’s humble beginnings are at the root of her cause-related endeavors to give back and to help make the world flawless one face at a time. Khuraira Cosmetics supports breast cancer survivors, sickle cell anemia, and education for African children.

When asked about the true purpose of her uncommon talent, Khuraira says: “A God given talent is worthless unless it is used to enhance mankind. I believe the world will never be flawless unless each needy child is fed and cared for. Let a hurting child anywhere be the responsibility of all of us everywhere.”

Khuraira is viewed as an icon in her own right and at the top of the American beauty industry. She is the pride of the African continent. In her determination to make the world flawless one face at a time, she is taking her success into new international markets.