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Khuraira Cares

Khuraira exudes charisma, compassion, a sense of genuineness and a contagiously positive energy that convey instant trust no matter where she is. Her passion for makeup artistry is only surpassed by her passion for life and her selfless desire to care, to do good, to do what’s right all the time. She believes: “A God-given talent unless used for the benefit of humanity is worthless.”

Khuraira’s humble beginnings are at the root of her cause-related endeavors to give back and to help make the world flawless one face at a time. Khuraira Cosmetics supports breast cancer survivors, sickle cell anemia, and education for African children.

Khuraira also educates women in the art of the feeling flawless. Not only does she make them look beautiful on the outside, she makes them feel good on the inside by being a friend and a confidante. Her business philosophy demonstrates why every woman looks forward to an appointment with her, and why she has created a cult-like loyalty among her clients over the years.

One of her clients once said as a play on words to the adage, “Beauty isn’t in the eye of the beholder; beauty is in the hands of Khuraira.”