Step one: Cover discoloration around the nose with the best concealer for dark spots

Blended for the Gods: How to Contour Your Nose

The nose has to be the trickiest feature to get right. The nose should always be contoured in the most natural, real-life fashion.

Now we know all noses are different, and there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for shaping your nose using makeup, but we’d still give you a handful of tips that all nose types can take advantage of: Read more

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All the Details to Know About Microblading

Drawing eyebrows on is so last year! This moment is all about working up those natural brows that are practical by all means. Eyebrows frame the face, but more importantly, the eyes allow them to appear as key factors in expression and communication. Read more

Explaining 4 Most Common Kinds of Eyeliners

A single swipe above your lash line, and your eyes are ready to start talking. It isn’t just about making the eyes pop; it’s more about expressing your style with this one product. There’s quite a variety of types of eyeliners in the market today; this guide goes from pencil to liquid, cream to gel to help you unlock its fullest potential: Read more

Summer Is Here: Sweatproof Your Makeup Look

Summer Is Here: Sweatproof Your Makeup Look

How to sweatproof your makeup look with a variety of techniques that work. Read more

Pretty in pink: Khuraira Baby Doll Lipstick

Use Lipstick, but Not Only on the Lips

In case you haven’t heard what the rave is all about right now, it’s about your good old favorite cosmetic: lipsticks. Lip products offer the most convenient ways to swipe the look from office professional to a night out with the girls. But why have we limited the lipstick to just our lips? Here are all the ways you could be using your lipstick collection that has nothing to do with smothering the product onto your lips. Read more

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Ask Khuraira Musa: How to Pick the Right Contour Shade

Contouring the face is a makeup application technique that further enhances the bone structure and draws attention to the features. For example, someone with a rounder face can use contouring to highlight the facial bone structure to make their face appear narrower. But it all really comes down to the contour shade in use; here’s a guide to picking the right color, formula, and tools. Read more

Ways to Make Your Skin Look Dewy

Ways to Make Your Skin Look Dewy

Ways to Make Your Skin Look Dewy

An example of glowy makeup achieved with a highlighter

Should You Be Applying Your Highlighter with a Brush or Just Your Fingers?

Every day we come across new makeup trends and new makeup launches on social media, but you know how they say old is gold? Makeup applicators lie precisely in that category. For as long as we can remember, people have either used makeup brushes or their fingers to apply makeup. But if you had to pick one, which one would it be? Read more

Tips For Applying Blush Like A Pro

Tips For Applying Blush Like A Pro

Get inspired with these makeup tips and tricks that will help you apply blush in a flawless way. Read more

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3 Makeup Tips We’ve Learned from Bridgerton Star Simone Ashley

Did you know Bridgerton season 2 was watched for 627.11 million hours during the first 28 days on Netflix? Ranked in the top 10 in 88 countries, Bridgerton season 2 has become the most popular English language series on Netflix.

Kate Sharma, played by Simone Ashley, works her way through the show to fall in hate and then in love with the viscount who loved her (read: Anthony Bridgerton). Regardless of how great the series was (and how desperately we’re waiting for its return with Bridgerton season 3), what caught the eyes of the viewers was the 26-year-old stars’ glowy makeup looks. Read more