Fall 2022 Makeup Trends Are All About Graphic Liner and Bright Eyeshadows

The fall season is upon us, and you can always use makeup to refresh your look when the seasons change. Thanks to apps like TikTok and Instagram, we’ve seen many makeup trends come and go.

If you want to rock some bold beauty trends this fall, keep reading. This season will be all about darker, moodier, and more dramatic tones. If you want to buy the best professional makeup kits, check out the Khuraira Cosmetics product range. Read more

Woman wearing light makeup

How You Can Ace the Light Summer Makeup Look

When we think of summer, we think of a sun-kissed, dewy, and light makeup look. One of the most important things you can do to ensure a successful summer makeup look is to choose the right shades. Fortunately, many light makeup shades work well for all skin tones. Read more

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How to Make Your Makeup Last All Day

We’ve all had days where our makeup starts to melt or break apart only a few hours after applying. A bad makeup day can also affect our confidence; fixing it seems impossible.

So, what’s the solution? How can you make your makeup last all day long? Khuraira Musa from Khuraira has a few tips we’ll discuss in this guide. You can buy our cosmetics and skincare online for long-lasting makeup. Read more

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Best Hair and Makeup Looks From Never Have I Ever Season 3 You Can Recreate

Devi Vishwakumar had a pretty obvious glow-up in season 3 of “Never Have I Ever.” However, she’s not the only one rocking colorful prints and bold makeup— we also see her mom, cousin, and friends looking more stylish than ever. Read more

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Quick Fall Makeup and Skincare Tips to Keep Skin Glowing

Fall is here, and soon, we will enter the winter season. As the months get colder, our skin starts becoming dry. It’ll lose its glow if you don’t take care of it. But don’t fear! Makeup and skincare can always save the day.

In this guide, we’ll go over ways to use makeup and skincare during the fall to achieve that glow. You can also try some new looks using women’s cosmetics for all skin types from Khuraira Cosmetics. Read more

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How To Apply Foundation & Makeup To Dry Skin

Knowing the right way to apply foundation can completely change the way your makeup looks. Mastering makeup is not that hard, but certain tricks and techniques can improve your final look, especially if you have dry skin. Read more

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How To Transition Your Makeup From Summer To Fall

When we think of fall, the first few things that come to mind are auburn leaves, aubergine lips, mustard sweaters, and ankle boots. The autumn color palette means dramatic, moody makeup. We jump from the lightweight summer looks to the bold fall or winter ones.

Let’s look at how you can transition easily into the fall makeup looks without changing your makeup routine. Some easy tips and tricks from Khuraira Musa and good-quality makeup brushes from Khuraira Cosmetics will help! Read more

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Get Rid of Those Love Bites with a Concealer

Getting love bites might be fun in the moment, but they sure aren’t the best to have when you’re out and about, have people to interact with, or need to go to an upcoming meeting. It’s because they significantly bruise the skin, resulting in an embarrassingly awkward situation for many. Fortunately, if you own a professional makeup kit, you can always rely on high-quality makeup products to efficiently cover up the hickeys. If you’re looking for the go-to love bite concealing method, take the following steps. Read more

Ways You Can Prevent Your Makeup From Creasing

Ways You Can Prevent Your Makeup From Creasing

How to keep your makeup from creasing? You will learn about some of the traditional and modern methods that ensure your makeup stays fresh and natural throughout the day. Read more

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Back in Style: Green Eye-shadows are in for 2022!

If there’s one color that no one thought would look so stunning as it does on the eyes, it’s green. Professional makeup kits barely come with the green color because of how challenging it is to blend it or coordinate it with other tones from the eyeshadow color palette. However, 2022 has been a year of significant surprises, including the green eyeshadow trend. Today, makeup enthusiasts continue to experiment with different shades of green to create some of the most statement-making greens.

Here are three ways you can rock the green eyeshadow trend this year. Read more