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How To Transition Your Makeup From Summer To Fall

When we think of fall, the first few things that come to mind are auburn leaves, aubergine lips, mustard sweaters, and ankle boots. The autumn color palette means dramatic, moody makeup. We jump from the lightweight summer looks to the bold fall or winter ones.

Let’s look at how you can transition easily into the fall makeup looks without changing your makeup routine. Some easy tips and tricks from Khuraira Musa and good-quality makeup brushes from Khuraira Cosmetics will help! Read more

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Get Rid of Those Love Bites with a Concealer

Getting love bites might be fun in the moment, but they sure aren’t the best to have when you’re out and about, have people to interact with, or need to go to an upcoming meeting. It’s because they significantly bruise the skin, resulting in an embarrassingly awkward situation for many. Fortunately, if you own a professional makeup kit, you can always rely on high-quality makeup products to efficiently cover up the hickeys. If you’re looking for the go-to love bite concealing method, take the following steps. Read more

Ways You Can Prevent Your Makeup From Creasing

Ways You Can Prevent Your Makeup From Creasing

How to keep your makeup from creasing? You will learn about some of the traditional and modern methods that ensure your makeup stays fresh and natural throughout the day. Read more

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How to Apply Face Jewels to Your Face

If you’re a fan of makeup influencers and artists like Nikkie de Jager and Manny MUA, you might have seen them topping off their glam looks with face jewels. These are small, shiny accessories that add the perfect amount of magic, glamour, glitter, and shine to a colorful makeup look to make it stand out. While it’s important to have your professional makeup kit with you to apply these jewels to your face, there are three critical steps to take for a successful face jewel application. Here’s a quick guide to help you learn the art of applying face jewels. Read more

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Would You Skip Your Contouring Kit for a Blush Contour?

Despite not being a thing in the earlier days, contouring is now an essential makeup step that many glam enthusiasts often look forward to. Known for highlighting the cheekbones and accentuating the face, contouring gives the face a lifted look and an illusion of flawlessly sharp features. While some people resort to high-quality bronzers to contour, many others use contour kits with both cream and powder contour products. Read more

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Out with the Old, in with the New: A Lightweight Foundation

Foundations have always been a makeup must-have for people of all skin tones and skin types. The purpose of a foundation is to give the skin a flawless finish by evening out the skin tone and eliminating scars, hyperpigmentation, acne spots, blemishes, and more. Most makeup users choose foundations based on the extent of their coverage. While most people prefer using full coverage foundations, lightweight foundations with medium to full coverage are a recent trend makeup gurus are currently gravitating towards. Here’s why using a lightweight foundation is a good idea. Read more

Step one: Cover discoloration around the nose with the best concealer for dark spots

Blended for the Gods: How to Contour Your Nose

The nose has to be the trickiest feature to get right. The nose should always be contoured in the most natural, real-life fashion.

Now we know all noses are different, and there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for shaping your nose using makeup, but we’d still give you a handful of tips that all nose types can take advantage of: Read more

Summer Is Here: Sweatproof Your Makeup Look

Summer Is Here: Sweatproof Your Makeup Look

How to sweatproof your makeup look with a variety of techniques that work. Read more

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Use Lipstick, but Not Only on the Lips

In case you haven’t heard what the rave is all about right now, it’s about your good old favorite cosmetic: lipsticks. Lip products offer the most convenient ways to swipe the look from office professional to a night out with the girls. But why have we limited the lipstick to just our lips? Here are all the ways you could be using your lipstick collection that has nothing to do with smothering the product onto your lips. Read more

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Ask Khuraira Musa: How to Pick the Right Contour Shade

Contouring the face is a makeup application technique that further enhances the bone structure and draws attention to the features. For example, someone with a rounder face can use contouring to highlight the facial bone structure to make their face appear narrower. But it all really comes down to the contour shade in use; here’s a guide to picking the right color, formula, and tools. Read more