Makeup for dry skin

Makeup for Dry Skin – Get that Effortless Glow and Make it Last

Dry skin is one of the worst things that can happen to your look. During the winter, it can be hard to get a smooth and even complexion, especially if you have dry skin that peels or flakes.

Regardless of how much time you spend moisturizing, it can feel like your makeup sticks to the dry spots on your skin and makes them stand out. So, if you feel like you have tried every moisturizing product on the planet and yet failed to evenly apply makeup during the winters, this makeup for dry skin blog has you covered.

How to Use Makeup for Dry Skin

1) Prioritize the Prep

What is underneath the skin will determine how your makeup sits on top of it. There are different ways to apply makeup well: If you have dry skin in the winter, the first thing you should do is set up a skincare routine, which will help you put on makeup well.

Start using serums, face mists, and moisturizers with hydrating ingredients like glycerin or hyaluronic acid, if you don’t already. We suggest putting on dry oils and serums before moisturizers to help refresh the skin and get it makeup-ready.

You can also use a refreshing mist to soften and hydrate your skin before putting on moisturizer since this allows for better absorption.

2) Choose the Right Foundation

Applying foundation on dry skin

Foundation is needed for a flawless base, but if you have dry skin, it is best to stay away from matte foundations.

Instead, choose ones that are creamy since they won’t seem cakey or patchy. It will make your skin shine without dehydrating it further.

This is also true for concealer. After prepping your skin with the right skincare regimen, you can use a hydrating concealer to cover any patches of dry skin.

3) Exfoliate

In addition to using moisturizing skin care products, another excellent way to get rid of flaky skin is to exfoliate. It also makes it easier for the product to get into the skin, which may otherwise have been hard due to the flakes and any dead skin cells on the surface.

People with dry skin often steer clear of exfoliation. However, if they choose gentle exfoliators, it will help their skin get ready for their skincare routine and makeup.

When exfoliating dry skin, it is important to use milder chemical exfoliants instead of harsher ones, like scrubs.

4) Be Smart with Powders

Applying powder to dry skin

Even if you have dry skin, you don’t need to stay away from powder formulas completely. Whether you have a matte finish or combination-to dry skin, you can go for it – as long as you are smart about the placement. Make sure to only put the powder where you need setting or coverage.

Also, remember to pick a powder that has been finely milled and not a full-coverage one –the latter can make your skin appear drier.

Wrapping Up

Applying makeup to dry skin

Applying and keeping makeup on dry skin can often be a nightmare but it need not be. We hope that the makeup for dry skin advice and suggestions discussed in this blog will help you during the winter months.

KhurairaWe’ve also launched the Khuraira Affiliate Program for exclusive makeup wardrobing services. Our makeup experts can visit you at home, or you can book your appointment at our flagship location in Tenafly to help you de-clutter your makeup stash and educate you about your skin so that you only buy the right makeup products.

Khuraira Musa has been a celebrity makeup artist and expert for well over 20 years. In 2008, she founded the eponymous Khuraira Cosmetics, a boutique and flagship store for locally-made makeup products in New Jersey.

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