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How to Apply Liquid Foundation 6 Different Ways

Foundation is a key part of your makeup routine. If you use foundation often, you’ll understand how there are different textures, formulas, and finishes. It’s a staple product, and even beginners start with a foundation first when they’re learning about makeup.

There are stick foundations, powder foundations, and liquid foundations. Using a powder and stick foundation is easy. However, a liquid foundation can be a little tricky. You would either need a sponge or a proper blending brush. You also have to be careful about leaving any streaks.

This guide is for you if your liquid foundation looks uneven, streaky, or visible on your skin. We’ll discuss how you can easily apply this finicky foundation in several ways. For high-quality makeup tools, visit Khuraira Cosmetics today.

Using Your Hands

First, ensure you wash your hands and dry them—you don’t want any germs or bacteria on your face. Now, rub one drop of foundation between the palms of your hand, so it emulsifies. Now start applying it to your skin. Use a pressing motion and blend it carefully. This is a good technique for a natural-looking finish.

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Using Your Fingers

You can also apply foundation with your fingers. Use your fingers to warm up the foundation, and then start applying it to your face. Use circular motions to blend it and tap it evenly. The outcome should be seamless, so keep blending it until it does. This will make your foundation look like a second skin.

Using a Tapered Brush

Let’s put it this way—a liquid foundation is essentially “paint: for your face. You can apply it with a tapered foundation brush like you’re painting your face. Make sure the strokes are downward, outward, and short. You have to be careful about blending the lines and creases that may form.

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Khuraira Foundation Brush

Using a Stippling Brush

You can apply your liquid foundation with a stippling brush for relatively sheer coverage. You can get an evenly blended look with such a brush. Make sure you’re pressing and blending the foundation evenly across your face in light and circular motions.

Using a Rounded Brush

The rounded bristles of such a brush can also help you apply your foundation all over the face. Rounded foundation brushes should be used in stroking and swirling motions to evenly blend the liquid on your skin.

Khuraira Foundation Brush

Using a Makeup Sponge/Blender

Makeup sponges are extremely popular now. They are an industry fave because of the natural yet buildable finish and coverage. You can add some foundation to the blender and then dab it gently across your face. You can use the pointed edges for an even application.

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