Must-try winter makeup looks

Winter Makeup Looks You Have to Try

Although the long, fast-approaching stretch of cold weather may not feel welcoming to many, we at least have winter makeup looks to look forward to. In the spring and summer seasons, makeup is usually light and airy, but as the weather gets cooler, it needs to be more dramatic and feel more substantial – much like your favorite jacket.

In this blog, we will cover the winter looks that you absolutely need to give a shot this year.

Winter Makeup Looks to Try

1) Frosty Inner-Eye Corners

Put a dash of your favorite pastel color (we recommend baby blue) to the inner corners to make your usual cat-eye more interesting. Not only does it make your eyes look better, but it’s also a really convenient way to apply color that does not come across as intimidating.

For even more depth, line your eyes with a darker version of the color.

2) Luminous Winter Glow

This look is perfect for your upcoming holiday party. Some people might shy away from layering glitter shadows; however, you would be amazed at how easy it is to work with most liquid paints.

To get a similar look, you could start with a base of metallic green paint, add a layer of gold paint on top, and let it dry.

3) Golden Shimmer

Winter makeup ideas

Even though you might want to use cooler colors when it’s cold outside, a touch of golden shadow can serve as a beautiful reminder that warmer days are on the way.

You can complete the look with a pinky-nude lip, champagne highlighter, peach blush and, if you want, a large pearl necklace.

4) Dramatic Eyeliner

Makeup in winters


If you want to be a little more daring with your eyeliner, try pairing a smoky eye with a dramatic, dark black eyeliner. Even though it’s more interesting and dramatic, it is not necessarily harder to do.

For this look, you can use either a liquid liner or a pencil. Both look bold when paired with a black or dark brown eye shadow. All you have to do is use a small brush and the same dark eye shadow color you used on your lids, as this will help smoke the lower lash-line out.

5) Rosy Flush

If being out in the cold weather gives your cheeks a natural flush, you can exaggerate that look with a lot of pink blush to come across like the main character in a Christmas rom-com.

To make a “cold cheek” look real, you need a pink color with cool undertones.

6) Classic Smoke

Makeup looks to try in winter

A vintage smokey eye looks great with a little black dress (or a large black sweater). Using shimmer shadows on your lids and not under your eyes keeps things looking modern, as does not wearing much makeup anywhere else.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, the winter makeup looks discussed in this blog will help you create a bright, cheery, and radiant appearance.

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