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4 Makeup Trends That Defined The Early 2000s

The makeup trending in the 2000s was very distinctive. If you see a celebrity’s picture, you can easily tell if it’s from that era. This year, we saw a resurgence of Y2K, and we’re not complaining. Think bright pink blushes, thin eyebrows, high-contrast lip liners, glossy lips, and body glitter.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the early 2000s trends. If you wish to recreate any of these trends, you can visit Khuraira Cosmetics’ online store and buy branded lip makeup and other makeup products. Read more

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5 Makeup Essentials You Need for an Instant Makeover

All beauty gurus and makeup pros will agree on this: you need specific makeup essentials for an instant makeover. You can transform any look if you have these products. Even if you have a smooth complexion, impeccable eyelashes, or clear skin, these products will take your makeup look from simple to special.

At Khuraira Cosmetics, we are all about beauty and women feeling confident in their skin. We’ve prepared this guide so you can get your hands on these essential women’s cosmetics for all skin types and achieve your desired look. Read more

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Celeb Makeup Artists Share Makeup Tips for Deep Skin Tones

It’s high-time beauty brands embraced diverse skin tones. Though big names in the beauty industry are taking steps in the right direction, there’s still much work to be done.

In saying that, pioneers like Khuraira Cosmetics have been offering makeup for deep skin tones for years. These brands and knowledgeable celeb MUAs are playing a critical role in educating women of color on how to find the right products.

Here’s everything you need to know about makeup tips for deep tones. Read more

Using makeup for discoloration

Makeup for Hyperpigmentation – Here is How You Can Cover Up Discoloration

Even, glowing, and flawless are the three words that sum up our skin goals. And maybe everyone has perfect skin in some parallel universe. But the truth is different. Real skin often has dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Even though these flaws are normal, there are times when you might want to cover them up with makeup. This is why in this blog we will discuss a number of ways you can use makeup to cover hyperpigmentation. Read more

Must-try winter makeup looks

Winter Makeup Looks You Have to Try

Although the long, fast-approaching stretch of cold weather may not feel welcoming to many, we at least have winter makeup looks to look forward to. In the spring and summer seasons, makeup is usually light and airy, but as the weather gets cooler, it needs to be more dramatic and feel more substantial – much like your favorite jacket.

In this blog, we will cover the winter looks that you absolutely need to give a shot this year. Read more

A woman applying celeb-inspired makeup

4 Best Celebrity-Inspired Makeup Trends of 2022

We all know that celebrities have a huge impact on popular culture. Whether promoting a certain product or wearing unique looks, their influence is undeniable, especially on Gen Z and millennials. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that our favorite celebrities also influence makeup trends. Read more

A model doing skincare

5 Skincare Secrets Models Know (That You Must Try)

If you’re like us, you probably care about your skin and want to protect it from breakouts, sun damage, and other signs of aging and trouble. Models are always wearing heavy makeup, yet they have flawless skin that’s youthful and glowing. So how do they do it? They follow a certain skincare routine that you can adopt to enjoy amazing skin.

In this blog, we’ll share some skincare secrets that models and skincare experts use to protect their skin and keep it looking beautiful! Read more

Woman wearing Euphoria-inspired makeup look

Best Makeup Looks From Euphoria Season 2 You Can Recreate

Euphoria returned this year with some kickass content and, of course, makeup look inspirations. Apart from fans of the show, many other beauty influencers and makeup enthusiasts began watching the series and got inspired by the fabulous glam looks of the characters. Jules’ colorful eyeliners, Maddy’s cat eye looks, and Cassie’s top-tier glossy looks rocked the show! Read more

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Fall 2022 Makeup Trends Are All About Graphic Liner and Bright Eyeshadows

The fall season is upon us, and you can always use makeup to refresh your look when the seasons change. Thanks to apps like TikTok and Instagram, we’ve seen many makeup trends come and go.

If you want to rock some bold beauty trends this fall, keep reading. This season will be all about darker, moodier, and more dramatic tones. If you want to buy the best professional makeup kits, check out the Khuraira Cosmetics product range. Read more

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Best Hair and Makeup Looks From Never Have I Ever Season 3 You Can Recreate

Devi Vishwakumar had a pretty obvious glow-up in season 3 of “Never Have I Ever.” However, she’s not the only one rocking colorful prints and bold makeup— we also see her mom, cousin, and friends looking more stylish than ever. Read more