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Fall 2022 Makeup Trends Are All About Graphic Liner and Bright Eyeshadows

The fall season is upon us, and you can always use makeup to refresh your look when the seasons change. Thanks to apps like TikTok and Instagram, we’ve seen many makeup trends come and go.

If you want to rock some bold beauty trends this fall, keep reading. This season will be all about darker, moodier, and more dramatic tones. If you want to buy the best professional makeup kits, check out the Khuraira Cosmetics product range. Read more

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Back in Style: Green Eye-shadows are in for 2022!

If there’s one color that no one thought would look so stunning as it does on the eyes, it’s green. Professional makeup kits barely come with the green color because of how challenging it is to blend it or coordinate it with other tones from the eyeshadow color palette. However, 2022 has been a year of significant surprises, including the green eyeshadow trend. Today, makeup enthusiasts continue to experiment with different shades of green to create some of the most statement-making greens.

Here are three ways you can rock the green eyeshadow trend this year. Read more

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Discovering What Eyebrow Shape Works Best

Eyebrows are the central component of a person’s overall makeup. They have the power to give your face the sharpness, accentuation, and refinement it needs to complement your makeup, outfit, and accessories. Eyebrow trends have drastically transformed over the years. While the 70s and 80s were all about thin, round-shaped eyebrows, the 90s and 20s have been the years of thick and bushy brows. Read more

Explaining 4 Most Common Kinds of Eyeliners

A single swipe above your lash line, and your eyes are ready to start talking. It isn’t just about making the eyes pop; it’s more about expressing your style with this one product. There’s quite a variety of types of eyeliners in the market today; this guide goes from pencil to liquid, cream to gel to help you unlock its fullest potential: Read more

An all-in-one palette for perfecting the eye. It has a crease, highlight, and liner shade on it.

Sparkle with Eye Glitter but Check These 3 Elements First

Less bitter more glitter, please! Flaunting a shimmery eye is the easiest way to steal the show. Step #1 for doing a glitter eye is getting the right glitter eye — easy to find at Khuraira Cosmetics. Our little eyeshadow palette is composed of different colored eyeshadows that effortlessly complement one another. If you’re looking to join the race with more steps, here’s the easiest way to apply glitter eyeshadow: Read more

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Using a Mascara for Its Purpose

Some people refer to the application of mascara as the most crucial step of eye makeup that pulls it all together. Even if you’re not big on makeup, you’ll agree that mascara is a staple in most makeup bags.

Here’s a brief guide on different types of mascara: Read more

The 4 Best Eyeliner Trends You Should Know About

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Eyeliner is one of the most multi-functional products you can carry in your makeup bag. From wings to cat-eyes to futuristic eyeliner looks, it can help you create a vast range of designs to accentuate your eyes. These days, black eyeliner is far from the only thing people are reaching for – you can find tutorials on everything from neon to white and gold eyeliner looks.

Here are the 4 best eyeliner trends that you should know about.

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How to Crease-Proof Your Eyeshadow Like a Makeup Artist

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If you want to create a show-stopping, fiery look, eye shadows are your best friends. You can make it work in various ways to create the look of your choice. That’s until it starts to crease.

The eyeshadow that you seamlessly blended and wasted most of your time on is now smudged and creased. It’s one of those things that happens quite often, no matter how hard you blend. However, there are a few secrets to getting a crease-free eyeshadow application.

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Eye Contouring Made Easy: How to Contour by Eye Shape

Contouring your eyes can seem confusing at first, but it’s actually really easy! To get the most out of contouring your eyes, you need to understand which parts of your eye shape need to be enhanced and which parts need to be minimized. This article will show you how to use professional makeup kits for color placement to highlight and balance your eyes according to their unique shapes.

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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Rid of Raccoon Eyes

Khuraira’s Dark Circle Primer

A primary objective of applying makeup is to not only enhance one’s features but also achieve an even skin tone. Many people with dark circles struggle to meet this goal and often give up. Here’s a three-step guide to concealing raccoon eyes with makeup.

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