The Ultimate Guide to Getting Rid of Raccoon Eyes

Khuraira’s Dark Circle Primer

A primary objective of applying makeup is to not only enhance one’s features but also achieve an even skin tone. Many people with dark circles struggle to meet this goal and often give up. Here’s a three-step guide to concealing raccoon eyes with makeup.

Step One: Moisturize and Hydrate Your Under Eyes

The first step to concealing your dark circles to make your skin tone look even and flawless is to moisturize and hydrate. This rule applies to all makeup steps. An adequately moisturized and hydrated base will ensure that the makeup lasts for a long time without moving from its place.


Use a hydrating eye cream under your eyes, and apply it evenly under both eyes. Remember to avoid touching your eyes while doing this. Start by using a dark circle primer for your eye-prep regimen to ensure an airbrush concealer application later.

a woman applying liquid foundation

Step Two: Apply a Color Corrector

The next essential step to eliminating raccoon eyes is to color correct. Color correction isn’t a necessary step for everyone. Following this step significantly depends on the level of hyperpigmentation under your eyes.


Furthermore, the color corrector shade you choose for your under eyes depends on your skin tone and the undertone of your dark circles. For instance, if your undertones are a mixture of blue, green, and purple, you may need an orange corrector. Similarly, if you’re more cool-toned, you can color correct your eyes with a warmer peach concealer.

Step Three: Conceal and Set with Powder

Once the color correction is done, cover your under eyes using a full coverage concealer. Remember to ensure that the concealer shade is the same as your skin tone. Apply the concealer and let it sit for a few seconds before blending.

a woman applying a concealer

You can always go over the blended concealer with a lighter shade to brighten up your under eyes. However, remember to ensure that the dark circles don’t end up looking grey and messy. Once you’re done, use a setting powder to set the concealer.

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