4 Flawless Makeup Secrets That Makeup Artists Don’t Share

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Makeup service providers are professionals that like keeping their cards close to their chest.Their work is a cut above amateur makeup because they’ve spent years honing their skills and learned more than a few tips and tricks along the way.

Keep reading as we uncover makeup secrets for the perfect look.

1.    Go a Shade Lighter on the Foundation

Beauty experts believe foundation should always be a shade, or two, lighter than your actual skin tone. This is because applying it with serums and toners can oxidize your coverage as the day wears on.


To test this, all you have to do is swatch and wait a few minutes to check if there’s been any change in coverage. If yes, select a lighter tone and test it on your skin so that you can be sure it’s not too light a color. Best area to test is along the jawline.


2.    Tap-Tap, Followed by a Dab-Dab

For the tighter areas of your face, say the corners of your eyes, you may want to apply some concealer and then tap it in without your fingertips because there are just some areas your blender can’t reach. Plus, you can warm up the concealer, making it easier to settle onto your skin.


Don’t expect the tapping to be perfect, as with fingertips, you also get fingerprints. Instead, smooth over it with the corner of your beauty blender to remove prints and creases.

3.    Make the Highlighter Count

Makeup artist and influencer Robert Welsh has a great tip for highlighting. According to the YouTuber, a highlighter can make your face look like it’s protruding outward if not done correctly.


To get it right, you need to move your face around and see where the light is falling on your face. Because we all have different bone structures, it won’t fall on the same spot for every face.


To follow the light when you highlight means you’ll just be emboldening the features that are already being highlighted. Next time, go with the grain (read: light).

4.    Treat Your Lips Right

Lip liners are meant to last longer than lipsticks, which is why you’re left with an unsightly ring around your lips as your tint wears off.


While it’s easier to draw the ring and fill it in after, you should actually be doing it the other way around. Color your lips first and then outline them so that your lip pencil can fade alongside your lipstick.

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