4 Winged Eyeliner Mistakes You’re Probably Making

A Caucasian Woman with Perfectly Winged Eyelids, Staring Right at the Camera

Drawing the perfect wing and then managing an identical one on the other eye may seem like a tall order, but, like everything else, this skill gets better and easier with practice. If it doesn’t, then you’re probably doing it wrong.

In this Khuraira Cosmetics blog, let’s discuss some of the most common winged liner mistakes you might be making.

1.    Drawing Asymmetrical Wings

We almost literally have a pretty penny for every time our customers have requested a professional makeup service due to their inability to draw an even wing on both sides. Some have problems drawing the flick, whereas others just can’t get the line to be equally bold.


To get around this issue, all you have to do is practice on anything but skin before advancing to your eye. Try getting the lines and wings identical on a piece of paper or leather more than once before starting on your eyes.

2.    Ignoring the Primer

Skipping steps can be disastrous where eyeliners are concerned. All day, your eye is subjected to rain, humidity, dust, and other natural elements that just seek to break your eyeliner, making it runny and smudgy.


Before applying the liner, always make sure your eyes are primed enough to handle moisture, dust, and other pollutants.

Closeup of One Half of a Woman’s Face, Showing Bold Red Lips and Winged Eyelids

3.    Drawing on Relaxed Lids

Drawing on relaxed lids is alright as long as you don’t press too hard. When you do that, the delicate skin of your lid is pulled and tugged in the same direction as your brush. As your now-lined lids bounce back, you may find overruns and unsightly bumps.


Fortunately, you can get around this by anchoring the skin with just a little pressure from your finger and running your brush or pencil in a light gliding motion.

4.    Doing a Bold Lower Lid

As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t be doing your lower lids at all. A bold lower lid, in particular, just makes your eyes look small, which defeats the entire purpose of an eyeliner.

However, if you absolutely have to, opt for a softer shade like bronze or gray. Be careful when blending the lower lid because the line between sultry and all-out raccoon is a fine one and just not worth the risk.

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