4 Spooky Halloween Looks Using Everyday Cosmetic Products

A Woman with an Intentionally Pale Face and Red Lipstick, Holding a Candy Cane in Front of One Eye

Halloween is right around the corner, which means you’ve probably decided what you want to be on November’s eve. You may have your treats and costumes down pat, but what about the makeup?

As long as you’re using high-quality makeup tools, you shouldn’t need special cosmetics to create the following Hallows’ Eve looks.

1.    Emo Lolita

Give your seductive Lolita look an emo touch by going all out on your Khuraira Navy Eye Pencil and red eyeshadow. Color your under-eye section as thickly as your eyelids, starting with the navy and transitioning into the red.


Draw light hairy veins right underneath the dark colors, and repeat the drill for your lips. This time, outline your lips with a long-lasting lip pencil, fill in with a Khuraira Infatuation Shimmer Lipstick, and draw tiny veins underneath with the pencil.

2.    Vintage Ghost

Looking like the ghost of the disco era doesn’t have to involve blood, now, does it? All you need is a foundation that’s a few tones lighter than your actual skin tone, some ‘eye bags’, and super dark lipstick to channel the undead.

This Halloween, join the ghostly crowd as an elegant ghoul with flawless skin and dead lips that have seen better days.

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3.    Haunted Doll

Haunted dolls are all the rage these days. Channel the literal spirit of Halloween by cosplaying the spirit haunting your vessel. Wear stark white lenses to scare the bejesus out of your friends, and let eye makeup do the rest.


Draw some fake freckles and create the signature pucker by aligning the lipstick with your cupid’s bow, and you’ll have officially made Annabelle proud.

4.    The Kind Scarecrow

If you want to look kind and stay faithful to the scarecrow theme at the same time, you’ll have to alternate your ‘stitches’ with soft baby doll shades.


Start by adding some color to your cheeks using orange blush. Apply a perfectly round circle to each cheek, and match them with your lips using the Khuraira Baby Doll Lipstick. Bracket your lips with stitches on both sides, and do the same for your nose and eyes. There! You’re a certifiably friendly scarecrow.

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