3 Fall Makeup Tips for Glowing Skin

A woman getting her makeup done by a makeup artist

Fall is around the corner, which means new makeup trends and looks are ready to shine. One huge shift in your skincare routine would be the daily struggle to prevent dry skin by keeping your skin constantly moisturized and nourished.

While various skincare products help you achieve glowing skin, makeup products can also do the trick. All you need is a little guidance. When used correctly, makeup can add a touch of radiance and elegance to your beauty look.

Although creating a glowing makeup look is a bit tricky, as it requires more precision and care, once you become a pro, you’re sure to ace every fall makeup look and end up with glowing skin.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

Exfoliate and Moisturize Before Bed

During the fall season, keeping your skin moisturized is crucial. Thankfully, nighttime is the best time for doing so.

Your skin heals and repairs itself at night, and by moisturizing before bed, you’ll wake up to healthy, glowing skin.

Also, exfoliate using a gentle exfoliator so your skin is ready for makeup when you wake up.

Switch to Face Oil

The fall is a particularly dry season, during which your skin needs that extra hydration boost. Facial oils lock the moisture in your skin and are loaded with proteins and vitamins, which are great for your skin.

It also protects the skin against damage and acts as a barrier. Plus, it’s great for that extra glow. Facial oils leave your skin with an illuminating glow, which is perfect for your glowing fall look.

Different makeup products

Opt For a Lightweight Foundation

During the fall season, your skin needs room to breathe, which is why it is best to stick to a lightweight foundation.

They create a natural-looking, glowing makeup look with a minimum amount of product on your skin. Going for a minimalistic approach this fall is the way to go.

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