Explaining 4 Most Common Kinds of Eyeliners

A single swipe above your lash line, and your eyes are ready to start talking. It isn’t just about making the eyes pop; it’s more about expressing your style with this one product. There’s quite a variety of types of eyeliners in the market today; this guide goes from pencil to liquid, cream to gel to help you unlock its fullest potential:

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1. Pencil

The simplest, most convenient eyeliner to use is an eye pencil, a cross between creamy and dry formulas. Application is a breeze with an eye pencil, so it’s recommended for beginners who’ve recently joined the makeup world. They’re also designed to be long-lasting and waterproof. Sharpen away and create subtle to dramatic eye looks with an eye pencil.

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2. Liquid

The trickiest eyeliner to master is the liquid one, that’s pretty much used for creating all vivid, intense, high-drama looks. This is far from anything that can be smudged since it dries down in seconds. The liquid eyeliner appears with two different applicators: (1) the felt tip that’s easier to apply for creating the winged or cat-eye effect, and (2) the brush tip that’s dipped into a tiny pot; perfect for crafting precision detailing and fine lines.

Different styles of liner

3. Cream

A cream eyeliner is perfect for anyone obsessed with creating smoky eye looks. They are designed to be smudged. You can apply them directly onto the waterline or above the lash line and blur out any harsh lines with a fluffier brush to create the effect.

4. Gel

This eyeliner weighs high in its wax content, which makes it ideal for anyone who wants to make it through their day with their eyeliner staying put. To create a precise line with a gel liner, it’s recommended to use an angled eyeliner brush. This is one product that’s a makeup artist’s best friend when speaking of an application directly onto the waterline because it’s virtually waterproof.

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