How to Crease-Proof Your Eyeshadow Like a Makeup Artist

A woman wearing bright eyeshadow

If you want to create a show-stopping, fiery look, eye shadows are your best friends. You can make it work in various ways to create the look of your choice. That’s until it starts to crease.

The eyeshadow that you seamlessly blended and wasted most of your time on is now smudged and creased. It’s one of those things that happens quite often, no matter how hard you blend. However, there are a few secrets to getting a crease-free eyeshadow application.

The reason your eyeshadow creases is the presence of oil on the eyelids that penetrates the eyeshadow. So, prepare yourself for the ultimate guide to crease-free eyeshadow application.

Make Sure You Start With Clean Eyelids

While cleaning our faces, we often neglect our eyelids. This means there is already a layer of oil present on them when we start applying eyeshadow. And applying eyeshadow on oily lids makes no sense.

To ensure your eyelids are clean and oil-free, use a cleanser or clean your lids with a cotton pad. This creates a clean canvas, ensuring flawless eyeshadow application.

Always Prime the Lids

Priming your eyelids is the most important step of all. You can either use a foundation or a concealer to prime your eyelids.This step kills two birds with one stone but for best results use eye primer because it’s formulation is waterproof.

Priming your eyelids will surely make your eye shadows stay on longer, crease-free and it also makes the color shine through.

Charge Forward with a Powder

After doing all the above-mentioned steps successfully, set the perfectly created base with some setting powder. This step helps to absorb any accumulated oil over the lids and also prevents the base from creasing.

Take any clean eyeshadow brush, dip it in setting powder, and gently swipe over the lids.

Makeup artist applying makeup to a woman

Work on Those Layers

A sheer eyeshadow has higher chances of creasing; that’s why layering your eyeshadow is the best way to ensure a crease-free application. Even if you’re going for a subtle, natural look, opt for multiple layers to make the color pop and magnify longevity.

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