How to Keep Your Makeup from Transferring onto Your Facemask

Women wearing facemasks

Nowadays, mask-friendly makeup is the real trend. Besides being a necessity, facemasks have somewhat become the new normal. However, the real challenge lies in acing this mask-friendly makeup trend.

Your beauty routine may be affected by masks; especially makeup transferring onto your facemask. Which brings us to the question; to wear makeup under the mask or not? While masks themselves can be used as a fashion accessory – available in all sorts of different patterns, prints, and fabrics – stopping makeup from transferring onto your facemask is easier than you expect.

No one likes their makeup getting smudged, which is why we have highlighted some simple and easy ways to help prevent that from happening.

Pre-Makeup Prep

Before creating any makeup look, prep is crucial. Applying makeup on dry and irritated skin is useless, and masks further aggravate skin conditions like acne.

Protecting and hydrating your skin is essential to protect your face from external elements. Consider using a hydrating serum or face oil, and follow with a nourishing moisturizer. This reduces redness and irritation.

Prime Your Skin

After completing your skincare routine – don’t forget the SPF – add an extra step and prime your skin. This step can make a huge difference in your skin’s texture and your makeup result. It creates a smooth canvas for excellent makeup application.

Choose a Long-lasting Foundation

Using a matte and long-lasting foundation is a crucial element to prevent makeup from transfering onto the facemask.

Choose a foundation that evens out skin tone and covers blemishes and imperfections. A formula that won’t cake or streak and is waterproof and smudge-proof is ideal. Follow with a long wear, matte concealer.

Set Your Foundation

Like primer, using a setting powder is another crucial step that’s often overlooked. But to prevent makeup transfer onto your mask, this step is necessary.

Choose a shaded setting powder that matches your skin tone or a translucent one according to your preference. Opt for something sheer and lightweight to prevent your makeup from looking cakey.

A pro-tip: Apply setting powder while your foundation is still damp. Apply minimal product using a fluffy brush to avoid a cakey finish.

A woman wearing a facemask

Long-lasting Lip Products

If you wear lipstick underneath the mask, using a matte lip product that’s long-lasting is your best bet. You can also use powder over your lipstick to avoid smudging and makeup transfer.

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