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Back in Style: Green Eye-shadows are in for 2022!

If there’s one color that no one thought would look so stunning as it does on the eyes, it’s green. Professional makeup kits barely come with the green color because of how challenging it is to blend it or coordinate it with other tones from the eyeshadow color palette. However, 2022 has been a year of significant surprises, including the green eyeshadow trend. Today, makeup enthusiasts continue to experiment with different shades of green to create some of the most statement-making greens.

Here are three ways you can rock the green eyeshadow trend this year.

A Dark Green Smoky Eye

If you’re a fan of the good ol’ smoky eye, it’s time to play with the darkest shade of green you can find in your eyeshadow palette. A dark green color is similar to a dark brown, gray, or black. Start by building it up on your eye’s crease and use a blending brush to pick up a lighter shade of green and gently blend the darker shade to smoke it out.

Keep blending the dark green until you have a smokey crease with the perfect hues of green. You can choose to create a cut-crease smokey eye with this look or fill it in with another matte shade for a fiercer look. This dark green smokey eye will be the perfect makeup choice for black, white, and gray outfits. Remember to top off the look with a high-shine lip gloss.

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Pastel Green Shimmers for the Lids

Green is an incredibly fun color for unique eye looks for all kinds of makeup lovers, including those who like subtle makeup looks. It adds the perfect pop of color to a bland eye look and makes it stand out instantly.

If you’ve created a natural eye look with a light brown crease, you can instantly enhance the look by picking up a pastel green shimmer on your eye brush and applying it directly on the eyelids. A good tip is to wet the brush with your setting spray for the shimmer’s pigment to show up brighter on the eyes.

Olive Greens for Neutral Looks

Lastly, the easiest ways to adopt the green eyeshadow trend while remaining true to your neutral tone preferences is by choosing olive greens. All you need is a dark and light olive green shade to build up on your crease and amp up the look with a thick winged liner or even a champagne glitter eye liner.

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