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How to Apply Face Jewels to Your Face

If you’re a fan of makeup influencers and artists like Nikkie de Jager and Manny MUA, you might have seen them topping off their glam looks with face jewels. These are small, shiny accessories that add the perfect amount of magic, glamour, glitter, and shine to a colorful makeup look to make it stand out. While it’s important to have your professional makeup kit with you to apply these jewels to your face, there are three critical steps to take for a successful face jewel application. Here’s a quick guide to help you learn the art of applying face jewels.

Choose the Right Jewels

The first step is to pick the right rhinestones to work with. Every makeup look, color, and face shape complements a different style of face jewels. For instance, if you’re going for a bold look with bright colors like red, yellow, and purple, you might have to choose neutral-toned rhinestones for the perfect balance of brightness and subtlety.

Similarly, if you’re planning to go all out for the most costume-y look, you can always go the extra mile by choosing bigger rhinestones in darker colors like hot pink, green, and royal blue. It’s better to first complete your makeup look before deciding which face jewels to apply on the face. Furthermore, it’s also important to determine where you’d like to apply the jewels.

Some facial areas that rhinestones seamlessly highlight are the brow bones, cheeks, eyelids, and even the lips.

Prep the Skin

Once you have all the rhinestones you’re planning to apply, the next step is to prep the skin for application. It’s not the best idea to apply these stones directly to wet, oily, or unclean skin. Take a setting spray or a mattifying powder to set the face and let it dry before applying the gems on your face.

If your face is getting too cakey, take some micellar water to clean up the spaces where you’ll be sticking the face jewels.

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Apply an Adhesive and Stick them On

Lastly, take a face jewel adhesive or a lash glue and use a small brush to apply it on the spots where you want to stick the rhinestones. Be extra gentle with the glue application and don’t apply it excessively.

Let the glue dry for a few minutes until it’s sticky enough to hold the rhinestones. Take your rhinestones with a tweezer or use your finger to apply them to your face.

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