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Discovering What Eyebrow Shape Works Best

Eyebrows are the central component of a person’s overall makeup. They have the power to give your face the sharpness, accentuation, and refinement it needs to complement your makeup, outfit, and accessories. Eyebrow trends have drastically transformed over the years. While the 70s and 80s were all about thin, round-shaped eyebrows, the 90s and 20s have been the years of thick and bushy brows.

It’s crucial to learn about different eyebrow shapes that work the best for your facial features so that you can use your professional makeup kit to achieve the desired look. Here are three eyebrow shapes that never disappoint.

A Tail Arch

From Demi Lovato to Angelina Jolie, we’ve seen multiple celebrities nail their makeup looks with a tail-arched eyebrow. It’s an eyebrow shape with a subtle arch at the very end to prevent a round brow. This is the perfect shape for people with round faces. However, people with sharper features can also look and feel phenomenal with this eyebrow shape.

It’s a lot more subtle and easier to create. All you need is a brow pomade, brush, and a thin pencil to lightly fill the gaps in the eyebrows and create a sharp arch at the brows’ tail. You can further sharpen it by carving the brows in the end with a concealer.

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A Middle Arch

Another highly popular eyebrow shape that’s trending among most influencers, models, and celebrities is the middle arch eyebrow. This is a shape with a light arch right in the middle of the eye brow instead of being at the end. People who have naturally arched brows can significantly benefit from this eyebrow shape.

However, the key is to clean up the stray eyebrow hairs near the eyebrow arch to give it a good finish. Remember to avoid plucking too many hairs to prevent the ‘extremely surprised’ look.

A High Arch

Lastly, an eyebrow shape that works as the perfect trick to get an instant face lift is a high arch. Despite being a little more on the dramatic side, many people gravitate toward this eyebrow shape because of the sleek shape it gives to the face.

This brow shape consists of an arch well above the brow bone. Adding a little highlighter underneath the brows will further make your brows shine, giving you an instant eyebrow lift.

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