The 4 Best Eyeliner Trends You Should Know About

Eyeliners On A White Surface

Eyeliner is one of the most multi-functional products you can carry in your makeup bag. From wings to cat-eyes to futuristic eyeliner looks, it can help you create a vast range of designs to accentuate your eyes. These days, black eyeliner is far from the only thing people are reaching for – you can find tutorials on everything from neon to white and gold eyeliner looks.

Here are the 4 best eyeliner trends that you should know about.

1. Neon eyeliner

This is one of the most Instagram-worthy trends of the present. You can easily find neon-colored eyeliner at your local CVS or supermarket. To create a neon flick, take a slanted brush and dip it into your liquid or gel eyeliner. Apply it close to your upper lash line starting from the inner corner of your eye and flick it outwards in a winged shape when you get to the outer corner of your eye. If you have faith in your artistic skills, you can even create a double layer of neon eyeliner by using two different colors to create a double line.

2. Multi-colored eyeliner

Try out a different eyeliner look instead of your regular old look with multi-colored eyeliner. You can achieve this look by using different colored eyeliner for the bottom and lower lash lines. A great combination is a deep blue and emerald green to make you look like a mermaid, but you can always experiment with other shades that you want to try.

3. All-around winged liner

Winged eyeliner, but make it edgy. The all-around winged eyeliner look involves lining your upper lash line as well as lining underneath your lower lash line and then combining the two in a wing that turns outwards. This will instantly give you an edgy and mysterious look.

4. Negative space graphic eyeliner

Lady Gaga has been seen sporting this trendy new eyeliner look. It basically starts with a regular winged eyeliner technique, but then the wing is extended into the upper eye contour to create something like an ‘arrow.’ This leaves your upper eyelid with a lot of ‘negative space,’ hence the name of this eyeliner look. This one is for people who love experimenting with their makeup and bending the rules when applying makeup.

A Person Applying Eyeliner

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