A mascara is used on the eye lashes to create a fuller look

Using a Mascara for Its Purpose

Some people refer to the application of mascara as the most crucial step of eye makeup that pulls it all together. Even if you’re not big on makeup, you’ll agree that mascara is a staple in most makeup bags.

Here’s a brief guide on different types of mascara:

1. Lash Lengthening

If you have short lashes, a lash lengthening formula is just what you need to extend your natural lashes. The mascara wand used for application must have dense bristles to coat each lash thickly, while also keeping them separated.

2. Volumizing and Thickening

Whether you want to darken the lash line or define the eye without a pair of falsies, all you need is a thickening mascara to get your lashes to appear fuller. The best kind in this category comes with an hourglass-shaped mascara wand that builds volume and length ever so graciously on sparse lashes.

3. Curling

A curling mascara has a pretty thick consistency as it works on the natural sweep of the lashes to further enhance the curl and make the eyes look bigger. Make sure to use a curved shape wand to concentrate the product on the center of your lash line to make the eyes look rounder.

4. Lash Defining

If a mascara promises to give you definition, cling on to it for dear life because this is that all-in-one solution! The lash-defining mascara spreads the product evenly across each lash to add length, volume, and color. Be ready for a big eye with tons of flutter!

5. Non-Clumping

Do you absolutely hate spider lashes? Join the club because we’re here to avoid clumping. A non-clumping mascara adds definition to the natural lashes, perfect for pairing with a no-makeup look routine.

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