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4 Best Celebrity-Inspired Makeup Trends of 2022

We all know that celebrities have a huge impact on popular culture. Whether promoting a certain product or wearing unique looks, their influence is undeniable, especially on Gen Z and millennials. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that our favorite celebrities also influence makeup trends.

Whether it’s Selena Gomez’s glowy face, Rihanna’s luscious lashes, or Kylie Jenner’s classic smoky eyes, fans seem to copy them all the way. These were just a few examples of celebrity beauty’s powerful effect on the makeup industry. But what are some of the makeup trends we see in 2022 based on celeb style? Here are some of the celebrity cosmetics trends that you can follow!

Dua Lip’s Bejeweled Eye Makeup

The famous English disco pop star Dua Lipa inspired one of the makeup trends that really took off this year. This look quickly became a staple in beauty tutorials everywhere. Dua Lipa’s look quickly started trending on social media apps such as TikTok by #Makeupwithgems.

People started trying out different looks, such as gem-covered eyeliners with glittery eye makeup. Other makeup enthusiasts started adding gems on their eyes’ inner and outer corners to add a little sparkle to their look.

Gem embellished eye makeup trend

Gold Eyeshadow by Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid has been a major beauty inspiration among millennials since her early modeling days, and fans were quick to replicate this beautiful shimmery gold eyeshadow look. Gigi is known for incorporating bold new eyeshadow into her looks.

With more than 7 million posts, influencers and makeup fans took inspiration from Gigi’s style and created a look of their own using a metallic gold eyeshadow and applying it to the inner half of the eyelids.

#SimpleMakeup by Sophie Turner

The former Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner’s simple and fresh makeup look is a popular trending look that you can replicate this year. Although bold and bright colors are in style, many people are still interested in keeping things natural.

Simple makeup look

The #SimpleMakeup hashtag has over 2 million views on TikTok. It is achieved using minimal makeup products such as an HD airbrush foundation or a simple concealer for dark spots. If you want a simple and easy everyday look, Sophie Turner-inspired simple makeup may be the one for you!

Faux Freckles

Faux freckles are the it thing this year! Celebrities like Bella Hadid, Demi Lovato, and Kylie Jenner have been spotted rocking these natural-looking sports with dramatic eyeshadow and red lipstick. Faux freckles can be easily DIY-ed at home using a liquid or cream foundation with a makeup brush and sponge applicator.

A woman trying out the faux freckles' makeup trend

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