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Best Hair and Makeup Looks From Never Have I Ever Season 3 You Can Recreate

Devi Vishwakumar had a pretty obvious glow-up in season 3 of “Never Have I Ever.” However, she’s not the only one rocking colorful prints and bold makeup— we also see her mom, cousin, and friends looking more stylish than ever.

The Indian heartthrob is known for her flirty, quirky, and fun personality. She has a very ’90s-inspired style. So, let’s go over how you can recreate some of her looks. Start with some oversized cardigans, printed pants, lower necklines, and Khuraira Musa’s cosmetics for all skin types.

Glossy Lips

Everyone in the show, minus the adults, is in high school. And what do teenagers in high school love? Lip glosses! Whether you want a simple pink lip or mauve-nude tones, top it off with a lip gloss or lip balm for that juicy pout.

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Pink lip gloss

Cream Blush

In “Never Have I Ever,” no one has gone overboard with blush. They seem to have the perfect amount of blush sitting right on the apples of their cheeks. You can apply cream blush or use your favorite pink, orange, or red lipstick.

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Matte Skin

Devi and her friends are not into that dewy skin. We’ve barely seen anyone wearing a highlight. Matte skin with less coverage is what they’re all about. If you want that minimal coverage, matte skin, and smooth base, you’ll need concealer and setting powder.

Start by applying our dual camouflage concealer to the areas you want to conceal. You can also apply it on the bridge of your nose and chin to highlight those areas. Next, you want to set the concealer. Buy invisible touch-up powder online and achieve that matte look.

Invisible touch-up powder


Everyone on the show has different hair types and, therefore, different hairstyles. You can recreate Eleanor’s half-hair-up pony or try leaving your curls as they are—just like Fabiola’s. Devi always has her hair down; sometimes, she doesn’t mind having a braid or two.

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