The Products You Need to Build a Solid Makeup Collection

Building an expertly curated makeup kit can be challenging and stressful for even the most seasoned makeup connoisseurs. With a horde of products out there to choose from, it can be confusing to know which ones are right for you. Don’t worry though, some tips can help.

So, whether you’re a beginner just starting out, or a pro looking to shake things up, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our comprehensive guide on all the makeup staples you need to build your collection.

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Skin Prep

The first step to any makeup look is to create a clear canvas for what will go on top of it. First, you’ll need a gentle cleanser and then a moisturizer to have a clean canvas to work on. Finally, you need to pop in a tube of SPF in your bag.

Liquid or Powder Foundation  

You might need more than one foundation depending on your skin’s needs, especially if your skin complexion changes across the seasons. Remember to not go heavy on the skin and instead opt for foundations that offer buildable coverage.

We recommend Khuraira Age Control Foundation if you want a liquid foundation, or Khuraira HD Foundation if you prefer a powder one. You can also opt for Khuraira Stick Foundation, which has SPF and is great on the go.

Khuraira HD Camouflage

Follow Up with Concealers

Concealers offer a variety of coverage levels depending on your needs. However, the primary applications for most would be to conceal dark circles and blemishes to help hide discoloration. We recommend Khuraira HD Camouflage, Khuraira Age Control Concealer, and Khuraira Orange Concealer to cover dark circles.

Lip Colors

You can never have enough lip colors to add a pop to every look! There is also a variety to choose from depending on what finishes you want. We recommend Khuraira’s lip liners to give your lips a magnificent shape. Then color over it with Khuraira’s rich and pigmented lipsticks or lip glosses. You can also apply Khuraira O’Natural Lip Balm before to have a smooth surface to apply your lip color.

Khuraira Berry Pretty Lip Pencil


Eyeliner and Mascara

Next, you need eyeliner to define your eyes. There are two options you can choose: liquid or pencil. We recommend you opt for creamy pencils because they’re much easier to apply.

When it comes to mascara, you must find a product that volumizes your lashes but won’t clump or make them look like spider legs!

Khuraira Forbidden Lip Gloss


Maintain a fantastic beauty routine by choosing Khuraira Cosmetics today. Check out our collection of top-notch cosmetics, high-quality makeup tools, a portable airbrush makeup kit, and more. You can check our online store to browse our age-control foundation, HD foundations, age-control concealers, and lip products collection.

KhurairaWe’ve also recently launched the Khuraira Affiliate Program for exclusive makeup wardrobing services. Our team will visit you, or you can book your appointment at our location to help educate you about your skin— so you only pick the right makeup products.

Khuraira Musa has been a celebrity makeup artist and expert for well over 20 years. In 2008, she founded the eponymous Khuraira Cosmetics, a boutique and flagship store for locally-made makeup products in New Jersey.

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