Holiday makeup ideas

Holiday Makeup Looks – How to Glow and Stand Out at Every Party

One of our favorite things about the holidays is that we finally have an excuse to flaunt our beauty routines on a daily basis. Although winged eyeliner and red lips are always appropriate for Christmas parties and drinks by the fire, experimenting with glitter products and other festive beauty enhancements is always welcome.

In this blog, we discuss a few of the top holiday makeup looks you can seek inspiration from.

Holiday Makeup Looks – How to Glow and Stand Out at Every Party

1) Sparkling Purple Eyes

Sparkles of any hue make the holiday season feel that much more joyous. Use a gorgeous purple shadow (you can even consider using a pair for extra dimension and depth) with a glimmering, practically metallic finish to add super-powered shine to your holiday beauty look.

And how to keep it intact? Apply a lid primer to keep your eye shadow and liner in place, keep the rest of your face neutral, and play up the contrast between the cooler purple tones and your lips and cheeks by using warmer tones.

2) Bold and Bright

Makeup ideas for holidays

Go bold with dewy, luminous skin and a vivid red lip product.

Since we are focusing on the lips, the rest of the look can be kept simple by adding a little highlight and grooming our brows.

3) Pink on Pink

Makeup at a party does not have to be over-the-top. A pink creamy look is a genuine triple-treat.

With glossy cheeks, lids, and lips, it is ideal for an evening occasion when you want to glow without drawing too much attention to yourself.

4) Bleached Out

Modern holiday makeup includes bleached eyebrows and vivid red lips.

This makeup is beautifully put together thanks to the use of some neutral eye shadow and soft lashes.

5) Layered Liner

Layered liner, in which a contrasting hue is stacked above a touch of liner close to the lash line, is a show-stopping style that is sure to dazzle your fellow partygoers. That said, it may take some time and effort to perfect.

Wear any two hues that contrast with one another. (Yes, if you want to be particularly on-theme, you can even go with white or green with blue).

6) Subtle Smoke

Makeup with a subtle, soft smoky eye is perfect for the holidays, but it can be used on any day of the year.

You may complete the look with a touch of blush and highlighter on the complexion and some natural lip color.

7) Gorgeously Glossy

Makeup tips for holidays

Holiday makeup looks are instantly conveyed by a person with glossy eyelids, complexion, and lips.

Applying smoky eye liner on the bottom and top of your eyes adds depth, and the cheekbones appear finely sculpted and highlighted.

Wrapping UpMakeup for holidays

As far as holiday makeup looks go, it is pretty much impossible to go wrong with any of the ideas covered above.

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