Khuraira Irresistible Crème Lipstick is an everyday nude shade specially formulated for women of color

A Brown Woman’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Lipstick Colors

The deeper hues and the electric neons are fun colors to play with on a handful of occasions. For the other 360 days, you’re going to want a neutral, if not natural, lipstick shade that enhances the natural color of your lips or matches it closely. Here’s what a brown woman should pack in her beauty box: Read more

Khuraira Stick Foundation SPF 18 in the shade Tender Beige

3 Surprising Benefits of Icing Your Face before Foundation

Jarred by the thought of having to apply ice directly into your face? You won’t be once you get to the end of this blog. Here’s uncovering all the reasons why people are dunking their faces in icy cold water or rolling ice cubes on the forehead, neck, cheeks, and jawline: Read more

An all-in-one palette for perfecting the eye. It has a crease, highlight, and liner shade on it.

Sparkle with Eye Glitter but Check These 3 Elements First

Less bitter more glitter, please! Flaunting a shimmery eye is the easiest way to steal the show. Step #1 for doing a glitter eye is getting the right glitter eye — easy to find at Khuraira Cosmetics. Our little eyeshadow palette is composed of different colored eyeshadows that effortlessly complement one another. If you’re looking to join the race with more steps, here’s the easiest way to apply glitter eyeshadow: Read more

A mascara is used on the eye lashes to create a fuller look

Using a Mascara for Its Purpose

Some people refer to the application of mascara as the most crucial step of eye makeup that pulls it all together. Even if you’re not big on makeup, you’ll agree that mascara is a staple in most makeup bags.

Here’s a brief guide on different types of mascara: Read more

Types of Lipsticks

Understanding the various types of lipstick and how they perform is essential to wear your chosen color with confidence. Here’s a quick guide to some types of lipstick and how they work:

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How to Choose Between Cream and Powder Contours

A cream contour

The endless choices between makeup formulas always get makeup junkies fighting themselves over wanting to swipe (with cream) or dust (with powder) the product. Contouring is a makeup technique that allows you to sculpt the shape of your face to enhance the nose line or the cheekbones. This guide is all that it should take for you to choose either a cream or powder contour for your skin type: Read more

It’s All about the Texture: Understanding 5 Types of Lipstick

Khuraira lipsticks have an intense color payoff

Everyone has a favorite signature lipstick, but what goes far beyond finding the ideal shade is the right texture and type of lipstick. Here’s a quick guide on how these five types of lipsticks work:

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Why More Men are Wearing Makeup Today

Khuraira Flawless is a value kit for covering dark patches on the skin and evening out skin tone.

There has been an indication of ancient Egyptian men wearing kohl around their eyes as well as men from France and England flaunting lead-based red or white makeup on their faces during the 18th century. Historically, America may have shunned men’s makeup, but today, the idea of men painting their faces is not completely taboo.

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The 4 Best Eyeliner Trends You Should Know About

Eyeliners On A White Surface

Eyeliner is one of the most multi-functional products you can carry in your makeup bag. From wings to cat-eyes to futuristic eyeliner looks, it can help you create a vast range of designs to accentuate your eyes. These days, black eyeliner is far from the only thing people are reaching for – you can find tutorials on everything from neon to white and gold eyeliner looks.

Here are the 4 best eyeliner trends that you should know about.

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3 Makeup Trends Making a Comeback in 2022

A Woman Applying Makeup

The biggest makeup trends of 2022 are going to surprise you. Since the beginning of the pandemic, people all over the world have had limited opportunities to socialize like they used to. A lot of us are still working from home and spending most of our time by ourselves. And yet makeup and beauty are still far from going out of style. Even if we’re alone most of the time, we can still choose to look and feel our best.

Here are 3 makeup trends making a comeback in 2022.

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