Bye Bye Dark Circles Under Eyes, Hello Flawless

No one wants dark circles under eyes. But sometimes genetics or an active lifestyle wears you down and your face is worse for wear.

There is hope. And it starts with our Dark Circle Under Eyes Primer. Yes, it is orange. Which makes it uniquely positioned as the only product on the market today that neutralizes the blue undertone.

5 Easy Application Tips to Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes

  1. To apply, just do a few strokes with the Dark Circle Primer with a tiny concealer brush, blend it into your palm to break it down and warm it up.
  2. Then start on the inside where it is usually darkest then work it out. You can use your finger to tap over the orange to help blend it through.
  3. Find a concealer that best matches your skin tone to apply over the dark circle primer. (I always recommend putting a concealer over the primer, instead of wearing the orange dark circle primer alone.)
  4. Our Age Control Concealer is enriched with peptides, vitamin e, and aloe. The concealer is highly moisturizing. And if you have lines, the peptides in the concealer will help plump the lines.
  5. Last but not least is the Invisible Powder. This powder is truly invisible. This powder will not emphasize lines because it has no pigment. It also helps smooth out the skin. This white powder is for everyone including men. For television, weddings, or everyday anyone can use it.

So there you have it! Say bye bye to dark circles under eyes, say hello to feeling flawless!