Khuraira Airbrush Kit includes a user-friendly airbrush gun that sprays a uniform layer across the face.

5 Reasons to Go for HD Airbrush Makeup at Weddings

HD makeup mimics natural skin, perfect for that no-makeup makeup look. However, it does conceal imperfections, uneven tone, and dark circles, but in a manner that it’s barely detectable. On the other hand, airbrush makeup is a technique that sprays on the foundation with an airbrush gun that forces out a fine mist that lands on the skin.

Combining HD and airbrush makeup has become a popular choice for bridal makeup, here’s why you, too, should be demanding HD airbrush makeup at your wedding:

1. It’s Pretty Much Flawless and Faultless

Because the airbrush gun sprays on a uniform layer of liquid foundation, even the craziest of coverages wouldn’t translate to excess, cakey layers. The HD airbrush makeup glides on the skin smoothly to mimic the appearance of an even surface, which is perfect for your Instagram bait moments and wedding album, of course!

Khuraira Dual Camouflage Concealer can be used as corrective makeup to conceal faults in the skin.


2. Looks Natural

With the ability to layer and match your skin tone, the HD airbrush makeup looks all things natural. It also makes it easier to apply foundation on the neck and near the ears to make the whole surface appear similar. The Khuraira HD Airbrush Foundation is a formula suitable for all skin types.

Khuraira HD Airbrush Foundation is a highly pigmented formula that lasts for 12 hours.

3. It Lasts Up to 12 Hours

Having to reapply your makeup throughout the night doesn’t seem feasible when it’s your event. HD airbrush makeup stays on for twelve or more hours without any touch-ups throughout the day, as long as you secure it properly during application.Khuraira Original Invisible Touch Up Powder is used to lock in the foundation and keep it sweat-free through the day

4. More Sanitary

No hands, brushes, or sponges for application reduce the risk of the transfer of bacteria from the tools to the skin during makeup application. An airbrush gun forces out air from the nozzle that lands directly on the skin, with no physical contact between the two.

5. Incredibly Water Resistant

What if it rains on your wedding day, or what if the happy tears come running down as you walk down the aisle with your forever guardian? HD airbrush makeup is water-resistant, so you can bet on it to last the night, even with splitters and splatters. You could be running inside for cover or bawling your eyes out, but you won’t find an HD airbrush foundation trickling down.

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