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Khuraira Make-up Boutique Celebrating 10 year Anniversary!!!

Khuraira cosmetics would like to thank its clients throughout the tri-state area and around the world for supporting this company. It was started by a woman who was given the priceless opportunity to come to the United States from Africa for an education.  The Khuraira flagship store in Tenafly, NJ opened for make-up services in December 2005.   Khuraira Cosmetics make-up line was launched in 2008. Today, 10 years later, Khuraira’s cosmetics and skin care products are sold globally. The products are sold at the flagship store in Tenafly, in upscale boutiques, hotels and spas nationally and internationally, on the website, and sold out on a TV shopping network.  Some of Khuraira’s products have been featured in national beauty magazines and endorsed by Oprah Winfrey.  Khuraira Musa is a recipient of many awards such as: Count Me In Business Story, UN Humanitarian Award, and My Business Story featured by American Express and Google.  A portion of the product and service sales are used to benefit a school that Khuraira Musa founded, Zainab Memorial School in her hometown, in Jos, Nigeria to help educate underprivileged children.


In 2012, Khuraira Musa created and launched a K-Pro Airbrush System. This product is used to train professional make-up artists in the United States at the Parisian Beauty Academy, a Paul Mitchell Partner School in Hackensack, NJ and in Nigeria. Providing women with a skill to further their ability to earn money for themselves has been a successful initiative.  In 2016, the K-Pro Airbrush training program will be available at Khuraira’s flagship store in Tenafly.


To celebrate and thank the community for supporting us to grow our business, please join us on Sunday, December 20th, 2015 at our flagship boutique between 12:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. for refreshments and a special gift.  29 ½ Washington Street, Tenafly, NJ.  201-227-1135.



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Khuraira Cosmetics Boutique

Khuraira Musa to Be Honored by the Society of Foreign Consuls at the Global Centenary of International Women’s Day In New York on Mar 7

New York, March 6, 2014 – Khuraira Cosmetics is pleased to announce that its founder, Khuraira Musa, has been selected to be honored by the Society for foreign Consuls at the Global Centenary of International Women’s Day (IWD).

This year’s IWD celebration will be held on Friday, March 7th, 2014 at Consulate General of Republic of Poland, 233 Madison Avenue (Corner of 37th St.), New York, NY 10016.

IWD is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. The Society strives to promote good relations between the NYC Consular Corps and our hosts, New York City and the United States of America. This explains why invitations have been extended to celebrate along with fellow women Consuls Generals and nationals who have made difference here in New York at a special reception kindly hosted by the Consul General of the Republic of Poland Hon. Ewa Junczyk-Ziomecka.

A pioneer and celebrity makeup artist of over 20 years, Khuraira Musa is founder and creator of Khuraira Cosmetics, a luxury, full-color cosmetics line for women of all ages, color and skin condition. Established in 2008, Khuraira Cosmetics operates as a boutique, flagship store in Tenafly, NJ & online at; product is also available at select upscale boutiques nationwide and globally.

“I am thrilled to be receiving this award because my life-long dream in creating Khuraira Cosmetics is all about bettering the life of women and young girls,” said Khuraira, who is married and mother of five children. “Makeup application is certainly an integral part of it, but just as important is creating a revenue stream for women to live full professional lives, especially young girls who can develop a trade skill to support themselves.

“I’d like to thank the Society for recognizing the difference my company is making to educate and empower women, not just here in NYC and America, but also back in my native country Nigeria.”

Added Khuraira, “Receiving this award is a further validation that my profit and purpose maximization endeavors are aligned and on the right path. With a mission to educate and empower women and young girls, my message to them is that it doesn’t matter where you come from if you have a vision and work hard, all things are possible.”

The aim of IWD is to honor the works of suffragettes, celebrate women’s success and remind of inequalities still to be redressed.

The society arranges useful forums and briefings with local, state and federal authorities and regular charitable and social events for members and guests.

More About Khuraira Musa

Khuraira blends skincare treatment into her makeup line, which when combined with her high-quality makeup tools, delivers that smooth, sought-after look with long-lasting effects. The range’s hero item is its Khuraira Dark Circle Primer with advanced orange correcting technology, which instantly neutralizes blue undertones of dark circles. A leading pioneer of airbrush makeup and a true master at the art of its application, Khuraira developed a K-PRO airbrush makeup system that beauty insiders say is one of the best on the market today.

Khuraira’s distinct style and expertise keeps her in demand among some of Hollywood’s most coveted and high profile personalities, and she is routinely featured in leading consumer magazines and media outlets.

Khuraira is grateful for her chance at success in America, which is a far cry from her humble African beginnings. Her life began in an orphanage in northern Nigeria after losing her mother at birth. Khuraira eventually relocated to the United States to pursue her education and passion of makeup. This quickly led to a career working alongside makeup industry icons, such as Trish McEvoy and Laura Mercier.

In time and with vast experience, Khuraira founded her own color cosmetics brand. She saw an opportunity for a true makeup line for all women, regardless of age, ethnicity or skin condition. Khuraira’s humble beginnings are at the root of her cause related endeavors to give back and to help make the world flawless one face at a time. Khuraira Cosmetics supports breast cancer survivors, sickle cell anemia, and education for African children.

Khuraira’s passion for educating children in her Nigerian village is in honor to her aunt, who truly believes in the power of education. Khuraira’s aunt used her very last dollar to make sure that Khuraira was educated in fulfillment of her promise to a nun, who told her that the best thing she could do for her Orphan niece was to make sure she was educated.

After Khuraira’s aunt passed away in 2012, Khuraira promised to honor her by opening a school in her name: Hajia Zainab Umar Memorial School. Currently, there are 40 pupils of two classes of kindergarten and first grade, and Khuraira is planning to add more every year.


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New Khuraira Cosmetics Website

New Year, New You, New Khuraira

I’ve got some exciting news to share. Today, we launched our all-new, freshly redesigned, high-end website —

You, our customer, were a big part of our inspiration behind its design and functionality. We want to serve you better, and in new digital ways.

The new website is finally a true reflection of the Khuraira brand and all that we have to offer. Inside, you’ll find a full assortment of our color cosmetics line. Plus, we are launching Airbrush Makeup Training Workshops for those who want to learn the art of airbrush makeup.

We hope you find the website mobile and tablet friendly, and that ordering online an easy and convenient shopping experience.

At Khuraira Cosmetics, we recognize it’s all about the customer and helping you in your pursuit to feel flawless every day! I welcome your feedback, as always.

May your Holidays be a blessed one, and the New Year a year of good health and good fortune.

– Khuraira