How to Select the Right Lipstick Color to Complete Your Bridal Look

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As a bride-to-be, lipstick isn’t even in your wedding planner until you actually come to it and realize how ill-prepared you are for the job—yes, the job. Bridal makeup isn’t an exact science, and there’s nothing in the book saying you can’t apply the deepest or reds or the fleshiest of flesh colors.

We’ve compiled a guide to help you decide your perfect color.

Look to Balance it Out

Lipstick is usually the last thing that goes on your face, which is great because you don’t exactly have a blank canvas. Your inspiration is right there, and all you have to do is juxtapose.


For instance, if your makeup artist has done a strong eye, we suggest you draw attention to that aspect by selecting a muted shade of lipstick. Conversely, if your makeup artist has gone with subtle eye makeup, we suggest drawing attention to your lips with a bolder lip color.

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Go a Step Further with Skin Tone

Balancing it out can help you whittle down your options, but it doesn’t help you hone in on your color. The following are in no way a hard and fast rule when it comes to your skin tone, but they certainly help you save time on D-day.


  • Light Skin Tone: Lighter colors might blend light skin tone, making for an ashen look. Stick to deep dark shades that don’t look anything like your complexion.
  • Yellow to Olive Skin Tone:If you’ve got a warmer complexion that falls somewhere between light and dark, you could go for an orange, fuchsia, or red shade.
  • Neutral to Dark Skin Tone:Brides with neutral to dark skin tones are truly lucky because they can look good in any shade of lipstick, but that certainly doesn’t help filter out your options.

A Bride with a Full Face of Makeup Putting on a Tiara

Try Different Shades

No matter your skin tone, you shouldn’t stop at one color. Try on different shades because you have no way of knowing whether you’ve selected the best lip color if you settle for the first one.


As a general rule, stick to a range you prefer outside of your special day. They’ve always defined your aesthetic so far and are the perfect “something old” for your big day.

A Bride Holding a Bouquet in an Enclosed Space

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