Khuraira Honored IWD14

Khuraira Honored at International Women’s Day 2014

I’m very excited and humbled to share with you some great news. Recently, I was honored at the International Women’s Day on March 7 in New York City by the Society of Foreign Consuls. It was a day filled with celebrating women leaders in our communities as well as recognizing our charitable efforts.

Cause initiatives supported by Khuraira Cosmetics include breast cancer survivors, sickle cell anemia, and education programs for African youth.

Cause: Breast Cancer Survivors

Khuraira Supports Breast Cancer AwarenessKhuraira supports three main causes: breast cancer, sickle cell anemia and education for African youth. Khuraira is a founder of “Spoil Me Pink,” a charitable organization that offers an exclusive and free program at Khuraira’s boutique store once a month for breast cancer survivors or those currently battling breast cancer a day to escape the trials of treatment and its effects by having a chance to enhance their new selves in a fun and positive way.

Cause: Sickle Cell Anemia

Khuraira also works to raise awareness of the horrible disease sickle cell anemia, which has been part her life since she was a child. Growing up in Nigeria, Khuraira witnessed her cousins and friends constantly battle this affliction. Khuraira, who now lives in America, suffered a similar fate when her 8-year son was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia. After nearly loosing him from complications and recognizing the global issue of the disease, she knew it was time, her duty if you will, to do something. Efforts to date include fund raising, being active in media and social media on the topic, as well as plans to start a foundation in her son’s honor.

Khuraira Supports Sickle Cell Anemia

As featured in The New York Times in 2011, pictured are Riley Dews, 4, left, and Tracy Dews, 8, who are brothers and who were both born with sickle cell anemia. Managing their disease has become a routine part of their family life.

Cause: African Youth Education

Khuraira’s passion for educating children in her Nigerian village is in honor to her aunt, who truly believes in the power of education. Khuraira’s aunt used her very last dollar to make sure that Khuraira was educated in fulfillment of her promise to a nun, who told her that the best thing she could do for her Orphan niece was to make sure she was educated.

After Khuraira’s aunt passed away in 2012, Khuraira promised to honor her by opening a school in her name: Hajia Zainab Umar Memorial School. Currently, there are 40 pupils of two classes of kindergarten and first grade, and Khuraira is planning to add more every year.

Khuraira Supports African Youth EducationThis award is not just for me, but for all you who shop with Khuraira Cosmetics. It’s because of you – your patronage – that my business is able to support these causes, which are so near and dear to my heart.

I want to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping change people’s lives.






  • Khuraira Musa – working mom, entrepreneur and humanitarian
  • Nigerian native, emigrated to America in 1992
  •  A pioneer airbrush makeup artist who created a problem/solution makeup line for women of all ages, color and skin condition
  •  Owns and operates a beauty boutique in New Jersey
  •  Beauty insiders hail Khuraira for her innovative products as well as techniques that address women’s skin regardless of age, skin tone or condition
  •  Her distinct style and full assortment keeps brand featured in numerous consumer magazines and on social
  • media
  •  Khuraira Cosmetics is sold at select upscale boutiques in the United States and around the globe, as well as on a prominent TV shopping network
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