Lips and Lashes: The Two L’s of Makeup That Can Make or Break a Look

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If there’s two things that can completely transform your makeup look, they’re lips and lashes. These components have the power to make you feel confident and ready for any event within minutes. Here’s how you can rock the two L’s easily.

Glossy Lips with Natural Lashes

If you’re all about minimalistic and effortless makeup looks, the best way to achieve this is by applying natural lashes and putting on a lip gloss. This makeup look is perfect for girls in school and working women who don’t have the time to follow a comprehensive makeup regimen every morning.


All you need to do is choose a hydrating lip gloss that you can also use over lipsticks, mascara, and a pair of lashes with lash glue. It’s not necessary to apply lashes if you’re more comfortable with mascara application to achieve this look. It’ll instantly make you look rejuvenated and prepared to take on the world.

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Nude Lips with Subtle Lashes

Looking to achieve a makeup look that’s glam yet subtle? The perfect lip-and-lash combo for such looks is a nude lip with medium-sized lashes. Once you’re done with your makeup, use a dark lip liner to line your lips and fill it in with a matte nude shade that complements your skin tone.


Choose medium-size lashes and trim them according to your eye shape. These two elements will instantly put your look together, making you look perfect for important meetings, dates, and casual events.

Bold Lips with HD Lashes

If you’re all about glitz and glam, and aren’t afraid to go the extra mile with your makeup looks, you can always go for a classic bold lip with HD eyelashes.


This look is excellent for events like weddings and anniversaries. You can effortlessly look ready for any occasion when you pair dark lip colors such as red, brown, and maroon with extra-dimensional lashes.

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