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3 Makeup Tips We’ve Learned from Bridgerton Star Simone Ashley

Did you know Bridgerton season 2 was watched for 627.11 million hours during the first 28 days on Netflix? Ranked in the top 10 in 88 countries, Bridgerton season 2 has become the most popular English language series on Netflix.

Kate Sharma, played by Simone Ashley, works her way through the show to fall in hate and then in love with the viscount who loved her (read: Anthony Bridgerton). Regardless of how great the series was (and how desperately we’re waiting for its return with Bridgerton season 3), what caught the eyes of the viewers was the 26-year-old stars’ glowy makeup looks.

Somehow, Simone Ashley’s skin always looks fresh, healthy, and glowing. She starts the series with a rather simple look that further softens as she falls in love. Here’s breaking down all that we know about the makeup of the Bridgerton star:

1. The Main Ingredients: Foundation, Concealer, and Some Setting Powder

Kate Sharma, aka Simone Ashley, is always in her true element on the show. She goes in with a foundation with yellow undertones that compliment her rather than suppress her natural skin tone. As for concealer, the star steps down two shades to really brighten the desired region. Lastly, she packs it all in with a matte setting powder to keep the foundation and concealer in place and keep the shine only where it’s supposed to be!

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2. Blush, Please

The Bridgerton season 2 star was religiously seen flaunting a color on her cheeks, which created the appearance of a natural flush. She also uses the blush to shape her face, further adding definition to the picture. In addition, the subtle colors she uses perk up her complexion in the truest sense.

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3. Highlighters for the Gods to See

Simone Ashley made the conscious choice to have highlighters pressed on the very top of the cheekbones throughout the series, and god, was she right! The lights hitting the higher points of the face made her skin appear fresher. It also emphasized the shape of her eyebrows and highlighted the darker regions of her eyes to create a brighter look in which the star appeared more awake.

Most importantly, the highlighter personalized Simone’s dewy and glowy look, naturally accentuating her facial features. Ideally, one should apply the highlighter on the cheekbones, forehead, chin, brow bones, and Cupid’s bow to add dimension to the face.

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