7 Wedding Makeup Mistakes Brides Often Make

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The wedding day look has to be perfectly curated. You find your dream dress, pair it with the best heels and add complementary jewelry. After it is all finalized, you need to make decisions about your makeup look. Will you opt for a natural look, bright lips, or maybe dark, smoky eyes? The choice is yours. But some mistakes can ruin the final effect. We have listed some of the mistakes that you need to look out for.

1. Choosing to Do It Yourself

Bridal makeup is done with a lot of care that uses professional makeup and tools. These techniques and tools are necessary for your makeup to look good on camera. So, if you don’t have access to the proper makeup tools and products, and you don’t have the necessary experience, your makeup may wear off easily. Hiring a professional makeup artist is your best bet.

2. Not Having the Right Tools

If you don’t own the right products and tools, there is a high chance that your makeup look will not work out. On the wedding day, your makeup will have to last hours. That is only possible if you have high-quality, long-lasting makeup. The techniques that you use to apply the makeup, matters too.

3. Trying Something New

If you have browsed online for the perfect look for your big day, you may be inspired to try out something new and bold. Your wedding day is not the day to test out new techniques, formulas, and styles. Stick to what you know suits your face and shape, to ensure that you look the best in your photos and as you walk down the aisle.

4. Skipping the Makeup Trial

When you hire a makeup artist to do your makeup, don’t skip the trial session. You may feel that you are too busy to make the time, but the trial session is crucial for you and the artist to get to know each other and come up with the perfect look.

5. Skipping Research

Before the big day, try to do the research necessary to find the best look for the big day. Discuss your research with the makeup artist so that they can understand your vision and do their best to help you achieve your dream look.

6. Not Considering all Factors

When you are choosing your makeup look, don’t forget to consider other things. If your dress is big and fluffy, your makeup could be light and dewy. For a sleek and simple dress, you can opt to pair it with more bold makeup. Don’t forget the season when you are getting married and choose colors that will work during that time.

woman with makeup

7. Applying Too Much

Your makeup needs to be long-lasting, but that doesn’t mean that you should cake it all on. Remember that when it comes to your base, less is more. Applying too much of the product will create lines on your face as it begins to break. For best results, use invisible finishing powder for your touch-ups. It instantly takes away the shine without creating a caked-up look.

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