Step one: Cover discoloration around the nose with the best concealer for dark spots

Blended for the Gods: How to Contour Your Nose

The nose has to be the trickiest feature to get right. The nose should always be contoured in the most natural, real-life fashion.

Now we know all noses are different, and there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for shaping your nose using makeup, but we’d still give you a handful of tips that all nose types can take advantage of:

Step two: Apply foundation

Understand What Contouring Does to Your Nose

Most makeup wearers admire the contouring product’s ability to cinch the most pronounced feature on their face, i.e., the nose. A contoured nose looks best under the light as it further defines the dimensions.

Select the Right Contouring Products

As per the general makeup rule book, your contouring product should be one or two shades darker than your skin tone. It should preferably be a neutral shade with a cool tone that makes for a softly sculpted shadow.

Step three: Contour with a shade twice as dark as your foundation

Connecting the Dots

Refrain from drawing a line on either side of the nose for contouring, rather, draw a series of dots vertically on either side of the nose. Next, smudge them together in a vertical motion using a small, dense brush for it to appear as a natural cast.

It’s also recommended to go in with a highlighter on the bridge of the nose post contouring to restore its shine.

Contouring the Tip of the Nose

Although this step is optional, if you wish for the tip of your nose to appear more sculpted, dab a tad bit of contour on the tip. Treat this as a shadow, and you shouldn’t be able to see any harsh lines; if you do, go in with an invisible powder product to really diffuse the product.

Step four: Pack it with an invisible touch-up powder online

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