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4 Fresh Looks for Spring

Spring and fall are the two times during the year to clean out your makeup bag. With spring right around the corner, you might as well get started.

Look over your entire collection of what worked for the winter season and start with changing your foundation for the new spring season. You could page through your favorite magazines for new trends in lip colors, eyes shadows and cheek definition. But I’ll save you the effort.

Here are 4 fresh looks for spring that you can play and have fun with while at the office and into the night.

Spring Look #1: Barely There 

This is a very neutral, barely-there look. It’s a beautiful clean canvas for the face that embraces soft eye colors with a hint of definition. This should be the foundation of your day look.


Spring Look #2: Fantasy Girl

This sexy, smokey eye look is still en vogue and has lashes that are ready for the town. It’s easy to go from basic day girl to fantasy girl in less than 5 minutes.


Spring Look #3: Bombshell Girl

Don’t be afraid of color. Love color and it will love you back. In fact, you’ll be rewarded with gawking looks from across the room while you don greenish, gold eye shadows and soft pink lipsticks.


Spring Look #4: Ebony Princess

A clean, flawless face accented with soft bronze colors for the eyes and pinkish orange lip colors will capture the attention of all.


What’s your favorite look?