How to Choose Between Cream and Powder Contours

A cream contour

The endless choices between makeup formulas always get makeup junkies fighting themselves over wanting to swipe (with cream) or dust (with powder) the product. Contouring is a makeup technique that allows you to sculpt the shape of your face to enhance the nose line or the cheekbones. This guide is all that it should take for you to choose either a cream or powder contour for your skin type:

When to Cream Contour

As the name suggests, cream contours have a creamier, shinier finish, which ultimately gives you a more natural, youthful glow. The formula doesn’t sit in enlarged pores or fine lines; in fact, the incredible amount of pigmentation in creams mimics the appearance of flawless skin.

If you resonate with words like dewy and hydrated for your complexion, a cream bronzer is the way to go! These are super blendable and super quick to work with literally any preferred blending tool. If you’re in a crunch for time, don’t hesitate to pick up a cream contour!

For best results, ensure the cream contour is layered over a liquid foundation. Caution: steer clear of this category if you’ve got the blemished or oily skin type.

When to Powder Your Contour

Powders, on the other hand, are rather matte and velvety. The formula allows you to create a chiseled look by building on the product onto your cheekbones with the help of a contouring brush. The best part is that powder doesn’t crease around textured skin, making it THE contour for blemished skin.

A powder bronzer over a powder foundation base will allow it to fully absorb the oils being produced in the region applied. Remember that you risk streaks and patches when you layer a powder bronzer over a liquid foundation. The use of powder contour on extra dry skin may also cause the makeup to look extra cakey.

Applying a powder contour

Get Expert Consultation for Contouring

So, which one will it be for you? Buy the Khuraira Dual Camouflage Concealer for cream or the Khuraira Wet Dry Two Way Finishing Power if it’s a powder you’re looking for!

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