How to Make Your Makeup Last a Whole Day

Models Wearing Makeup

For many people, getting their makeup to last all day can be a struggle. It looks great when you put it on, but a few hours later, it seems to have worn off and doesn’t look so good anymore. So what’s the secret to making your makeup last a full day?

Here are some tips from our makeup experts on making your makeup last for a whole day with minimal touch-ups.

1. Prep your skin

Before you start applying your makeup, prepping your skin is essential. Not cleansing and moisturizing your skin before makeup is a serious misstep! Exfoliated and hydrated skin is a great canvas for makeup, and you’ll find that prepping your skin will make your makeup last longer.

Exfoliate with a scrub or a toner to get rid of dead skin cells and get smooth skin. For ultra-hydrated skin, use a sheet mask or a hydrating serum.

2. Use a primer

A primer goes on before you apply your concealer and foundation. It helps smooth out your skin, blur texture and keep the foundation from seeping into your pores, affecting the look of the makeup. It can also help increase the longevity of your makeup because it helps combat oiliness which can make your foundation wear off.

3. Use a setting powder

A setting powder is blotted or dusted over the finished makeup look to combat ‘shiny’ skin and blot excess oil. You can try our Invisible Touch-Up powder to add a perfecting touch to your makeup look. In addition to making your makeup last longer, it will also help blur any imperfections. Setting powders can be used with a dewy makeup look and a matte makeup look.

A Model Wearing Makeup

Invest in good quality makeup that will last all day with Khuraira Cosmetics

Ultimately, it is the quality of your makeup products that determines the longevity of your makeup. If you want your makeup to last all day and look as great in the evening as it did when you put it on in the morning, try our range of bestselling makeup products at Khuraira Cosmetics. We are a leading makeup brand for women of all ages, skin tones, and skin types founded by renowned makeup artist Khuraira Musa. She brings her own expertise and years of experience to the brand’s cosmetic formulations.

You can browse through our range of products, including our Stick Foundation, Invisible Powder, HD Airbrush Makeup, Dark Circle Primer, HD Dual Camouflage Concealer, Age Control Concealer, and Age Control Foundation. You can also get makeup wardrobing services through our Khuraira Affiliate Program. If you are tired of buying products that fail to work for your skin, our makeup experts will help you de-clutter your makeup stash and advise you regarding your skin type, undertone and texture so that you always buy the right makeup for your skin.

Contact us on our website to get in touch with our makeup experts to select the right makeup products for your skin type.

Khuraira MusaKhuraira Musa has been a celebrity makeup artist and expert for over 20 years. In 2008, she founded the eponymous brand Khuraira Cosmetics, a boutique and flagship store for locally-made makeup products based in New Jersey.

Khuraira Cosmetics’ recently launched cosmetics affiliate program gives you the chance to call home a celebrity makeup artist for examining your very own makeup collection. These are makeup experts who can sniff on our makeup to tell whether or not it’s still good for application. We also make suggestions for upgrading your cosmetics as well as makeup applicators for a flawless makeup look every time.

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