Six Bridal Makeup Tips That’ll Always Stay Relevant

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When it comes to your wedding day, you want to look and feel your best. That’s why it’s important to have a few bridal makeup tips up your sleeve that will never go out of style. Whether you’re having a traditional wedding, a beach wedding, or even an elopement, it’s important to consider what type of bridal makeup would suit you and your features.

A bride can look beautiful with her natural skin tone if she knows how to enhance it. When it comes to makeup, there are many things that can be considered outdated. For bridal makeup, however, there are some timeless tips that will always be relevant.

Prep Up with a Primer

A good place to start is by using a primer. Primers help to create a smooth canvas for your foundation and concealer. They also help the makeup last longer.

A Fine Foundation

Foundation should always match your skin tone. One of the biggest wedding day beauty mistakes is wearing a foundation that is too light or too dark for your skin tone. To avoid this, it’s best to test out different foundation shades on the back of your hand in natural light before making a final decision.

Blushed Away

Blush should be applied sparingly. A little bit of blush goes a long way, and overdoing it can make you look like a clown on your wedding day. You really don’t want that, do you?

Let the Eyes Wander

When it comes to eyeshadow, choose colors that enhance your skin tone. One good rule of thumb is to pick a color that’s opposite on the color wheel from your hair color. For example, if you have black hair, use light-colored eyeshadow shades like pink, cream, or gold. If you have fair hair, opt for darker colors like purple or brown. The eyeshadow should be complementary to your eye color. If you want to make your eyes look wider, use a thin line of eyeliner on the inside of your top lid; a timeless hack no one else will tell you!

Luscious Lashes

For lashes, go for a mascara that lengthens and thickens. Curl your lashes before applying the mascara to open up your eyes even more. If you only want to make your lashes look longer, stick to lengthening mascara for the most natural look.

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Lipstick it Out

Moisturize your lips if you don’t want chapped lips on your big day! Choose a lip color that’s a shade darker than your natural lip. Remember, bridal makeup is all about enhancing one’s natural beauty, so don’t overdo it! Achieve a look that feels right for you.

Khuraira Musa

In the end, makeup is just makeup. While it does have the power to transform faces, its main value comes from supplementing our joy and enhancing our natural features. Looking for high-quality makeup kits for flawless bridal makeup? Check out our collection at Khuraira Cosmetics to find cosmetics for all skin types. You can visit our website to buy skincare cosmetics online.

Khuraira Musa has been a celebrity makeup artist and expert for well over 20 years. In 2008, she founded the eponymous Khuraira Cosmetics, a boutique and flagship store for locally-made makeup products, based in New Jersey.

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