3 Hacks to Conceal and Lowlight Allergy Symptoms

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Did you wake up with watery eyes, a bloated face, and a congested red nose on the morning of a fun event? Dry skin, puffiness, and sneezing fits are some common seasonal allergy symptoms in addition to itchy, watery eyes. Allergy symptoms may leave you looking and feeling your worst, and you wouldn’t want anything else than to make them go away when you are looking forward to heading out.

Fear not; many allergy symptoms may be disguised with a few simple tricks. Read on to find out more about how to disguise allergy symptoms like redness and dark under-eye circles with makeup for skin conditions.

1. Use A Gold-Tone Base For Redness

Those who suffer from allergies know all too well how quickly the area around their eyes and nose may grow red. The best hue to choose is something with a hint of warmth when it comes to hiding a red nose or red under-eye circles. Use the Khuraira Age Control Foundation for a flawless finish and coverage that lasts all day long.

2. Conceal And Hide

Chronic dark under-eye circles are a typical symptom of seasonal allergic conjunctivitis (SAC), according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (ACAAI). Fortunately, a simple cosmetic fix requires a small amount of concealer to get the job done. Use a moist makeup blender to bounce the Khuraira Dual Camouflage Concealerthe best concealer for dark spots and redness into the skin until you get a smooth finish around your eyes.

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3. Use Waterproof Eye Make-up

While it’s not a cure-all for allergy problems, this choice does help relieve itchy, watery eyes. Watery eyes are another typical allergy symptom, and you can avoid ruining your eye makeup by using waterproof products or products designed for teary eyes, like the Khuraira Cake Eyeliner Sealant.

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So, here are our tips and tricks that you can try and test for yourself. Check out our store for high-quality makeup kits and cosmetics for all skin types. Our extensive collection of products is specially curated to take care of all your skin concerns and include everything from stick foundation, invisible powder, airbrush makeup to dark circle primer, HD dual camouflage, age control concealer, age control foundation, and other high-quality makeup tools.

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