How to Prevent Your Foundation from Oxidizing

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Choosing the right foundation is a daunting process for everyone. If you don’t want your foundation to seem cakey, you can’t skimp on anything, from the right hue to the right texture.Now that you’ve finally discovered the foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly and you’ve put it to the test, it appears to be doing well. All good here, right?

Unless, later in the day, you notice that your foundation has darkened somewhat. You did everything right, so what’s going on here?

Well, the answer might be – oxidation.

Oxidizing Foundation

Your foundation is oxidizing if, after applying it, you notice that it has turned a shade or two darker. People with oily or mixed skin tend to be more susceptible to this.

When a chemical combines with another molecule and loses part of its electrons, the oxidation state or oxidation number of the molecule increases, affecting the color and consistency of cosmetics. The foundation might look perfectly matched and natural when you bought it or applied it in the morning; however, you might be disappointed to see it turning darker later in the day. Oxidation is your culprit here.

What Causes Foundation to Oxidize?

Your skin’s texture, cleanliness, natural oils, and even the way a foundation appears after it is applied, dried and combined with oxygen all play a role in oxidizing your foundation. A sliced apple that has been left out too long will turn brown on the inside. Your foundation goes through a similar procedure. Makeup reacts to air, skin acidity, and natural oils, resulting in a deeper shade of foundation.

Prevent Your Foundation from Oxidizing

No one wants to throw out their new foundation, so don’t worry because there are some ways that this can be avoided.

1. Prep Your Skin

Prepare your skin by washing your face and using a good primer before applying any other product.

A woman washing her face.

2. Blot, Blot, and Blot!

Blot your face after applying your primer and blot it again after applying your foundation; excess oil production is the main culprit behind your foundation’s oxidizing. Carry blotting paper to blot your face throughout the day too.

3. Finish with A Translucent Powder

Apply a translucent setting powder to your face after applying your foundation. Makeup will stay in place and any remaining oils will be absorbed by this step, preventing the formation of oxidation. Also, don’t be afraid to reapply your setting powder as needed. Buy the Khuraira Original Invisible Touch Up Powder online will keep your makeup true to its color.

Khuraira Musa

Using a high-quality makeup kit and cosmetics can eliminate a lot of your worries about the oxidizing foundation. At Khuraira Cosmetics, you can buy invisible touch-up powder online, airbrush makeup, dark circle primer, HD dual camouflage, age control concealer, age control foundation, and other good quality makeup brushes.

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