How to Ace the No-Makeup Makeup Look

woman wearing natural makeup

Today makeup is used in various ways, by various people. One of the most popular makeup looks is a no-makeup look. By naturally wearing makeup, you can take the benefits of makeup, transform your appearance, but make it look as if there is no makeup on you. It’s a low-key look that works in the daytime and also at parties. But it isn’t easy to pull off. Learn how to nail the look properly.

Skip the Foundation

Most of us want the no make-up look but still cake on the products to get a clear base. One mistake that we all make is by applying a layer of foundation. By doing that, the makeup no longer looks natural. You should skip the foundation altogether and instead opt for a tinted moisturizer, tinted sunscreen, or a moisturizer to liven up your skin.

Conceal Scarcely

Many of us have spots and imperfections that we try to conceal with the aid of a concealer. To achieve a no-makeup look apply the concealer in small quantities only on the spots that you need it. Use a small stippling brush to press the product in and cover any spots or blemishes. Choose a concealer that is close to the shade of your skin and cover it up with some translucent powder.

Put on Eyeshadow

Choose a cream eye shadow that is closest to the shade of your skin tone. A little bit of shimmer works fine, otherwise, your eye will look heavy and unnatural. Apply the shade close to your lash line and blend it out towards your brow. The added color will bring your look together.

Brighten Your Face

Apply a lighter shade of eye shadow in the corner of your eyes to brighten up your eyes. Apply some translucent powder underneath your eyes to brighten up your face. Popping a lighter shade in some corners can make your skin appear bright.

Fluff Your Brows

Defining your brows is the easiest way to make your face seem clean and defined. Avoid coloring in the gaps in your brows and don’t draw harsh lines. Use a spoolie to brush out your brows and use a clear brow gel to keep them in place.

Curl Your Lashes

Use an eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes before you apply any product to them. Just apply one coat of mascara to your upper lashes to make them feel longer and remain curled.

woman with freckles

Add Some Blush

Blush can bring a natural flush to your face, but you should know how to apply it. Remember the areas on your face where it flushes to make the blush seem natural.

Apply Highlighter

Highlighters are necessary to help reflect light off specific parts of your face. Applying a bit of highlighter to your face helps reflect the sunlight, making you glow naturally. Cream highlighter seems much more natural and is perfect for a no-makeup look.

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