Skincare: 6 Tips for Healthy Skin

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There are many ways to ensure that your skin remains healthy. From eating healthier foods to keeping your skin clean, there are lots of things you can do. Your skin is the first layer of defense against the external environment and needs to be looked after. Here’s how you can look after your skin.

1. Apply sunscreen regularly

You need to wear sunscreen all year round to protect your skin from UV rays. You need to wear sunscreen in the winter as well when the sun isn’t as bright because the UV rays can still impact your skin. Use a sunscreen that is SPF 30 or higher before you apply your makeup and on top of your skincare products.

There is a strong link between sun exposure and skin cancer. To reduce the risks of getting cancer, you need to limit your exposure to the sun and wear sunscreen every time you find yourself in the sunlight.

2. Add supplements to your diet

Supplements are necessary to make up for the missing nutrients in our body. One supplement that is very good for your skin, is collagen. This essential protein is linked to getting stronger hair, nails, and skin. The supplement is easily absorbed into our system and used to stimulate our cells to promote a healthy complexion and firm skin. It has been scientifically proven that collagen helps hydrate skin and makes it elastic.

3. Exfoliate your skin

It is not advisable to use a harsh scrub to wash away the dead skin. Now, there are gentler ways to exfoliate your skin such as chemical exfoliants. Light acid exfoliators can help dissolve dead cells and give our skin a healthy shine and glow. It removes excess cells, improves skin texture, and also increases the absorption rate of other skincare products to brighten up our complexion.

4. Improve gut health

Gut health is responsible for the way our skin appears. Your inner health reflects on the outside, and if you don’t eat healthy foods, the excess oils, sugars, and chemicals that you ingest can cause pimples and acne on your skin. Unhealthy foods can trigger your system and cause inflammation throughout the body.

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5. Add fatty acids to your diet

Fatty acids can be easily attained by eating nuts and avocados. Fatty acids can help improve your skin as it is needed to help other vitamins improve your skin. Omega-3 fatty acids can be added to your diet in the form of supplements or by improving your diet. Trying to avoid fat from your diet can result in dry hair, malnourished skin, and other skin conditions.

6. Drink more water

You have heard this before, and we will say it again. Water is very necessary for your skin to look healthy and glowing. It helps flush out toxins from your system, which ensures that your skin remains unaffected by unhealthy substances.

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