Khuraira HD Airbrush Foundation is a highly pigmented formula that hides skin imperfections without disappearing into pores

3 Benefits of Switching to an Airbrush Foundation

Makeup artists who’ve used the airbrush tool and foundation rarely ever want to go back to using brushes, beauty sponges, or fingers to apply their base. The silicone-based airbrush foundation feels lightweight but can be built to give fuller coverage. The high silicone content allows the product to fill in the pores, lines, and other imperfections to create a flawless texture. It’s also said to last all day long since it’s resistant to sweat and tears!

To make the switch easier for you, here’s a handful of more reasons that will convince you regarding switching to the airbrush foundation:

1. Longer Lasting Than the Traditional Foundation

You have to spend a lot when purchasing the airbrush foundation tool, but it’s only a one-time investment that delivers for the rest of its pretty life. An airbrushed foundation is the primary choice for makeup artists due to its ability to stay in place. The formula is water-resistant, so you have seldom had to worry about making it through a hot day with a full face of makeup.

Khuraira Airbrush Kit is a professional yet portable tool that gives 12 hours long application of the HD Airbrush Foundation

2. A Little Products Goes a Long Way

Using an airbrush tool to spray on the airbrush foundation spreads an even layer of the product across the face. It distributes the lightweight product evenly to keep your makeup from becoming too cakey. The impeccably smooth finish of the airbrush foundation is just what you need for those no-makeup makeup look days!

3. Easier to Layer

If you’re ever not satisfied with the coverage, you can always build on the products over the first layer to cover all imperfections. Unlike the traditional foundation application method, the spraying motion doesn’t move the product applied underneath.

Moreover, forcing out the product through the air from the nozzle of the airbrush gun is far more sanitary than using fingers, sponges, or brushes. It reduces the risk of the transfer of bacteria that may cause skin irritation or infections as there’s no contact between the nozzle and the skin.

The Khuraira HD Airbrush Foundation comes in 8 distinctive shades to compliment all skin tones

Rest assured the airbrushed foundation application is customizable and dries up fairly quickly to give you insights into the results. If you find that there aren’t as many shades as per your liking, you can always mix and match the airbrush foundation to attain the perfect shade, which works for your skin tone.

A series of looks created using the Khuraira Cosmetics Airbrush Kit

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Khuraira Musa has been a celebrity makeup artist and expert for well over 20 years. In 2008, she founded the eponymous Khuraira Cosmetics, a boutique and flagship store for locally-made makeup products based in New Jersey.

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