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3 Surprising Benefits of Icing Your Face before Foundation

Jarred by the thought of having to apply ice directly into your face? You won’t be once you get to the end of this blog. Here’s uncovering all the reasons why people are dunking their faces in icy cold water or rolling ice cubes on the forehead, neck, cheeks, and jawline:

1. Eliminates the Baddies

The use of ice is an age-old remedy for soothing inflammation as it significantly improves blood circulation in the affected region. But did you know it could also be used to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes? Try rubbing an ice cube around your eyes in a circular motion, and you’ll see the results instantly as your eyes begin to appear less tired and more awake.

2. Enhances the Goodness

Because ice massages initially constrict blood vessels in the face for slowing down blood flow, the body reacts by boosting the flow to the facial skin, making it appear plumped and radiant.

Moreover, the tightening of facial capillaries creates a pulling effect accounting for an enhanced product absorption rate. After you’re done with most of the products on your skincare routine list, try dabbing the skin with ice cubes to feel the difference in just a few weeks!

3. Aids Flawless Makeup Application

Facial pores release natural oils and sweat by default — think of this as a natural process that you can’t halt but contain for the time being. An ice massage can help shrink the appearance of pores, allowing the makeup to glide on over it, rather than getting stuck inside of the pores and causing acne later.

With benefits like skin tightening, reducing the appearance of pores, and changing the skin’s texture to make it appear brighter, it’s only right for you to start using ice on yourself too!

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