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5 Tips for Perfecting Your Makeup Foundation

Most of the newbies share a love/hate relationship with makeup foundation. We love that it can create an even-toned complexion that’s free from blemishes but hate that it can be so tricky to achieve the no-makeup makeup look. A prolonged strategy may help you perfect your makeup foundation in the long run; read here:

1. Take the Time to Prime

Foundation application always starts on a clean canvas as it helps remove dirt particles that may be dulling the skin’s natural radiance and prevent clogged pores. After moisturizing your freshly washed skin, it’s time to layer on a primer. This product helps smooth out the surface allowing the foundation to glide on the skin. If you’re troubled by uneven pigmentation, you can also opt for a color-correcting primer.

2. Less is More

Always start with a little foundation and gradually add to it until you have the desired coverage. If you need to use the foundation across the face, you’re probably using the wrong shade — you should only have to apply a minimal amount to the regions that need it, allowing the skin to look like skin!

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3. Work It Out

You want to concentrate most of your foundation on the center of your face, which is often the most problematic. A dab of foundation could help combat blemishes and redness. Remember to blend it outwards.

4. Dab-Dab-Dab

You heard it; whether you’re using a good quality makeup brush or just your fingers, you need to apply your foundation in a stippling motion rather than dragging it around to cause streaks. Gently tap the foundation into the skin, and don’t forget the ears while you’re at it. If your ear lobes are prone to turning red, you should dab it with whatever’s left on your foundation brush for it to blend with the rest of your face.

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5. Set and Forget

A setting powder goes on the foundation to keep it from budging. You want to wipe the powder across your face using a powder brush — concentrating most of the product in areas that tend to get shiny, such as the under eyes, chin, and T-zone. You can also stack concealer in the region where it’s required to hide red spots and dark under-eye circles.

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