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Get Rid of Those Love Bites with a Concealer

Getting love bites might be fun in the moment, but they sure aren’t the best to have when you’re out and about, have people to interact with, or need to go to an upcoming meeting. It’s because they significantly bruise the skin, resulting in an embarrassingly awkward situation for many. Fortunately, if you own a professional makeup kit, you can always rely on high-quality makeup products to efficiently cover up the hickeys. If you’re looking for the go-to love bite concealing method, take the following steps.

Get an Orange Color Corrector

The bruising from a love bite is a lot darker than regular hyperpigmentation. It usually consists of various blue, green, and purple tones. Therefore, it’s not the best idea to cover it with a concealer because these tones will ultimately appear from the skin’s surface without being completely hidden as you’d want them to be.

The best way to warm up these tones is by taking an orange color corrector and blending it on top of the love bite. Try using a dark circle primer with orange color-correcting technology for the best results.

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Apply a Full Coverage Concealer

Once the bruise is fully covered with orange, take a concealer in a shade of your own skin tone and apply it right on top of the color-corrected area. Wait a few minutes for the concealer to set in, and use a concealer brush or damp sponge to lightly blend it.

Keep blending until you see a skin-like finish and the hickey disappears from the skin’s surface. Remember to go for a lighter shade of concealer if there’s a risk of the concealer oxidizing on the skin.

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Set It and Forget It

Lastly, make sure you set all the products in place using a high-quality setting powder to prevent the concealer from moving from its place or revealing the love bites. Take some powder on a thick powder brush and pat it on top of the concealed areas to lock everything together.

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