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How To Transition Your Makeup From Summer To Fall

When we think of fall, the first few things that come to mind are auburn leaves, aubergine lips, mustard sweaters, and ankle boots. The autumn color palette means dramatic, moody makeup. We jump from the lightweight summer looks to the bold fall or winter ones.

Let’s look at how you can transition easily into the fall makeup looks without changing your makeup routine. Some easy tips and tricks from Khuraira Musa and good-quality makeup brushes from Khuraira Cosmetics will help!

Recreating the Summer Glow

Just because it’s colder now doesn’t mean you can’t still achieve that radiant glow. You will need the right products to create the summer heat glow. Start with skincare and go crazy with your moisturizer. Make sure you also use an SPF.

Next, you must use makeup products that will give you that glow and last all day long. We’re thinking of illuminating primers and HD Airbrush foundation for a flawless finish. You can tie the whole look together with a dewy setting spray.

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Summer-y Eyelids and Berry Lips

You know how popular dark lips are during fall. You don’t have to stick with oranges or reds. Try going the berry and purple route this time. If you’re not yet over the colorful eyeshadows or neon liners (basically Euphoria vibes), you can easily pair your summery eyelids with dark grungy lips. It’s all about brighter colors and deep fall shades when the seasons change.

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More Blush, Less Bronzer

No one can choose between blush and bronzer. So, don’t worry, we’re not asking you to. But fall is less about that bronzed goddess look and more about overdoing your blush. Blush will help you lift your face and give it that sunkissed, fresh look.

You can also choose liquid or cream blushes if you don’t want to use any powder products. One cool blush tip is using your lip gloss or lipstick as a blush. Add a lip balm on top of your cheekbones to make your blush look more glowy. You won’t even need any highlighter!

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Same Colors, Different Tones

Let’s say you love purple or orange clothes and makeup. Without giving up your favorite shades, you can transition easily into fall. You can wear orange or purple lipsticks and brick reddish-orange or dark cranberry clothes to pair. You don’t have to compromise your love for these colors and find deeper tones for fall.

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