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How To Apply Foundation & Makeup To Dry Skin

Knowing the right way to apply foundation can completely change the way your makeup looks. Mastering makeup is not that hard, but certain tricks and techniques can improve your final look, especially if you have dry skin.

This guide will go over ways you can achieve a naturally glowy look. Follow these tips when applying foundation and makeup on your dry skin. To buy women’s cosmetics for all skin types, visit Khuraira Cosmetics.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Dry skin can start looking dead easily because of the dead skin cells. These cells can make your face look bumpy and give an irregular texture. Foundation can cling to these bumps and dry patches, making your makeup look patchy and uneven.

When you start exfoliating once or twice every week, you’ll get rid of the dry flakes and dead skin cells. Your face will look smoother, and your makeup will glide on easily. You can use a mild scrub and only exfoliate the problem areas.

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Moisturiser Is Vital

You can use as many dewy foundations or setting sprays as you want—if your face isn’t moisturized, your foundation won’t look good. To hydrate your skin, you need a rich, hydrating moisturizer that will instantly boost your skin’s moisture levels and penetrate deep to nourish it. Apply your moisturizer 5–10 minutes before you apply the foundation.

Use Hydrating Primers

Once you’ve sorted out your skin and moisturized it, use a hydrating or nourishing primer. You can use more than one hydrating primer to prep your skin for foundation. Facial oil or serum will also help refine your dry skin and improve your overall feel.

Pick a Dewy Finish Foundation

Don’t go for mattifying or full-coverage foundations. These foundations can look heavy and cakey on dry skin, making your face dull. They will also emphasize your dry patches, bumps, and skin texture.

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Instead, make sure you pick a foundation that has a satin or dewy finish. A dewy foundation won’t dry out your skin or stick to the dry patches. It has a lightweight formula helps your makeup blend easily on top of your base without budging anything underneath.

We recommend our HD Airbrush foundation.

Finishing Touches

For dry skin, powders aren’t the best makeup products. However, you can use a lightweight, invisible powder to set your undereye concealer. Don’t add too much—just enough to ensure your makeup stays in place.

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Get a good setting spray with a dewy or glowy finish to lock in everything. A good spritz of such a setting spray will give you the hydration you need for the rest of the day and set your makeup, so it lasts a long time.

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